1. Hi love birds, very nice photos. You made me stop and think. I don’t think I seen robins in a long time. I seen birds that have yellow and lime green chest every springs that have similar features to a Robin here but no Robins:( Now I am missing home again.


    1. Thanks, Lora :) I’m sorry I’m making you homesick again! Those birds you mentioned sound lovely, I don’t know what they might be. Maybe you can get a picture of one this year, I’d love to see it.


      1. it is okay, Funny how something trigger a memory if not a thought or wish. I have tons of photos of them. I see them all the time outside my kitchen window and my walk in the park. I will look up for a photo and upload it sometimes this week/next.

        If I don’t upload it then I will email it too you. I also have photos of pigeons making love, lol, It was quite interesting. Just like people. They kiss and play a bit then get too it, lol. I was like wow, perfect timing, lol. Hope your having a good weekend and keep warm.

  2. They look so plump. I wonder if they’re fluffed up for insulation, or if they’re pregnant…though I didn’t think they mated quite this early. Can’t wait to see the robins here.


    1. They puff up to hold in their body heat with those downy underfeathers. What really amazes me is how the tiny little hummingbirds manage to survive the bitter cold.


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