Fantasy, or Reality?

I am very torn in my story about whether to inject what I know to be true about modern practicing Wiccans and Wicca, or just take off on flights of fancy and jazz it up, Hollywood style.

On one hand, I would like the story to reflect elements of what Wicca really is, and what practicing witches/Wiccans really do, but I fear it will be too dull. The real thing is nothing like Hollywood portrays it, nobody flies around on broomsticks or has the power to freeze time or blow up demons with a hand flick (or going back further, twitch their nose to make things happen).

On the other hand, if I stick too close to reality, the Craft almost has to become secondary, or backstory, rather than a crucial element. But do I want to perpetuate the hype and the nonsense? I suppose it will have to have some elements of the fantastic, or who will want to read it? I’ll have to find a balance between reality and the glitz. How much reality is too much, though? How much do people really want to know? I guess all I can do is write the story as I’d like to read it, and if someone else likes it, all the better.

4 thoughts on “Fantasy, or Reality?

  1. It’s hard with something real, like this, isn’t it? I’d possibly start from respect for Wiccans, and go from there. Do you know any? Could you go meet, interview, learn more? That would probably inspire more inside you, take the tale to new places and perhaps eliminate your conflict??? Good luck! Let us know how it goes!


  2. Oh yes, no problem there. That’s how I know the reality is far less big-screen-worthy than most folks are used to. πŸ˜‰ If I stick too close to reality, I’m afraid the only people who might read it will be practicing Wiccans/Witches, pretty small audience. I’ve been dithering about it for so long, I think I’ve finally decided to inject some fantasy into it. I’m going to incorporate as much reality as I can, but without the fantastic elements, it would be like writing about people going to church ::: yawn :::


  3. I think you should try to make it as realistic as possible, with of course some fantastical elements thrown in…look into the ‘magical realism’ movement so prevalent in Hispanic literature…I think sometimes the “magic” that really happens in life is pretty fantastic and relating how perhaps a particularly powerful circle leads, directly or indirectly, to a change in the plot could show how all energy is connected[difficult as it may be-writing is another Craft ;)]…there are also many cases of unexplainable phenomena, including “ESP” or Sight
    I have wondered about a similar dilemma in writing about a subculture which I know to be completely different than the public perception. ..hippies πŸ˜€


  4. I guess I’ve been immersed in the Craft for so long, it seems more mundane to me than it would to others totally unfamiliar with what a basic circle is all about! I have to think back to my first time circling with a group, and try to recapture that experience.


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