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I’ve added a link in the sidebar to a site called GoodSearch. I just heard about them this morning via NaNoWriMo‘s site. It’s suggested as an alternative way to donate to the NaNo site if you’re broke but would still like to contribute. I was frankly stunned by how much money it takes to put on NaNoWriMo. So this is a painless way to contribute if something is important to you but you can’t afford to shell out coin. (“Shell out coin”…what an expression that is. In 100 years will anyone know what that means?)


If you have a favorite cause that you’d like to quickly and painlessly help support but find the charitable contributions section of your bank account somehow lacking this could be the ticket. I think the actual donation is like one penny per search, but NaNoWriMo has gotten over $2,000 from this source alone in the last year. Not too shabby. They said if all their participants switched to this, they could get all their funding this way. You can designate any of over 68,000 non-profits to send the money to, and you can nominate new ones if your cause isn’t already listed with them. They have many retailers listed with them that you can shop through (Target, PetSmart, Amazon, etc.) and a portion of the sale will go to your charity of choice. With all the charities out there needing funding and none of us can give to all of them, this is another way to help out without ending up needing charity yourself!


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