Whoseyerdaddy? NaNoWriMo – Day 6

I was working along last night, trying to finish up my word count for the day when I had visitors arrive around 8:30. My son and his girlfriend dropped by for about half an hour, and totally blew me off track, so I ended the day about 400 words short. Ok, I figured, I can live with that. I was confident (ok, I hoped) I’d be able to make it up without too much trouble. So I started today with my own personal deficit. I got a bit done at work (slow day, and things were clicking in the writerly part of my brain) but I got home with well over 1200 words still to write to hit the Day 6 recommended daily total.

Time hack: 8:30. I hit 10,052! Woohoo! So that’s better than 2000 words today. Wow. I never thought I could do it. No one is more astonished than I am at how quickly I hit 500 words now. And yes, it’s still crap, but I have this theory that you have a lot of crap that you have to write to get out of the way of the good stuff.  If I can just keep going I may yet write something worth keeping.


7 thoughts on “Whoseyerdaddy? NaNoWriMo – Day 6”

  1. Hooray for you! Hooray! : )

    It’s very true — some of the writing will be crap, some will be good, and some will be brilliant — because we’re writers. The crap will be edited into gold, the good will inspire, and the brilliant is what you deserve for all your hard work.

    Good for you on the word count. You’re doing great!

    Em : )


  2. Thanks Em! 🙂 Obviously this is the first year I’ve participated in NaNo, I just really didn’t think I could pull it off before. It still remains to be seen if I can keep it up for another 24 days, but even if I don’t I have learned a valuable lesson.

    How’s it going for you? This is your first stab at NaNo, too, right?


  3. Hey, way to go! The first year I did Nano I was shocked by how much easier it is to write the word counts than I’d thought. Last year I think I even skipped a day or two a couple of times, and then caught up without two much trouble. Yes, you can keep it up! You can do this. Besides, Me and Em won’t let you quit now – you’re in for the duration.


  4. Hi Digital Dame! Hey there, Uppington! : )

    Yup, this is my first NaNoWriMo. I’d heard the word before, but never knew what it was until two days before NaNo started this year.

    Uppington — same for me, I am amazed each day when the word count is nailed down, that I did it again — can do it — am doing it! It’s much easier than I thought it would be. Not easy in general, because writing a novel isn’t a cinch, but easier to get the daily words than I thought, and I’m enjoying dazzling myself most of all. : )

    I also love updating my word count every day. I love seeing the numbers go up, and I love basking in the cumulative total.

    Digital Dame — yup, me and Uppington will definitely keep you chugging along. : )

    Team NaNo!

    If I wasn’t writing a novel (winks) I’d write a cheer. I even brought my pom pons. : )



  5. P.S. A writing trick that helps me when I’m lost about how to proceed at any given time, is dialogue. I write dialogue when I’m stuck, since character conversations are usually bumping around my head anyway, as I imagine the characters talking to each other.

    It’s a great device, also, for sharing info with the reader by showing instead of telling. Dialogue has unstuck me many times, along with its ability to keep movement in your writing.

    I noticed in my first novel that in parts that seemed sluggish, if I took the third person narration and turned it into conversation between characters instead, the writing once again flowed, and suggested the direction for the story.



  6. Yeah, that words great when you have two characters who can talk to each other. The hardest writing in the world, for me, is when my characters are alone and can’t talk to anybody. If you’re really stuck, sometimes a good old word war works too – find somebody you know who’s online, or call ’em up on the phone, say ready, set, go, and see how many words you can write in 30 minutes. Tends to unstick you, even if it’s not the best literature. And actually, some of my speed writing has produced some good stuff – nothing better for getting the ‘editor’s’ nose out of your writing business.


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