NaNoWriMo’s Chris Baty talks to io9

I just ran across this interview with our fearless leader, Chris Baty, at io9. For those unfamiliar with io9, it’s a sci-fi smorgasbord of television show reviews, movie reviews, books and generally anything sci-fi related. The interview is targeted to that genre, but still very much worth a read. And some schmuck down in the comments section who calls himself “robocop_is_bleeding” hit his 50,000 yesterday. Grrrr.

2 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo’s Chris Baty talks to io9

  1. Hey, maybe the bleeding cop guy is fibbing. Or writing trash (I mean, worse trash than I’m writing). Sigh. One of my friends was at 27k yesterday, and she had 3 days last week where she didn’t have time to write… Which just goes to show that the world is an unfair place.


  2. I think those people aren’t human. Or they don’t have day jobs. Or both. I know what I’m writing is embarrassingly bad. Without massive revisions it will never leave my computer.


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