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17 Days, 14 Hours — NaNoWriMo countdown

Panic begins to set in. I’m way behind now: 33,864 words to go. This is bad. ::::::runs around the room screaming, tearing hair out:::::: I’ve now gone from 1,667 words per day necessary to make it to 1,992. Well, maybe that’s not SO bad, it’s another 300 per day but I might be able to off-set that the week of Thanksgiving. Although T-Day will be a loss, I’m off that whole week from work so I could conceivably catch up then. It’s my only hope.


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2 thoughts on “17 Days, 14 Hours — NaNoWriMo countdown

  1. Do not, ever, allow yourself to focus on how many words there are to go. How many words are you behind? Come up with a plan to make that up, and then you’re back on track. Seriously, in the immortal words of Douglas Adams, Don’t Panic. Just write.


  2. I, of all people (with my Vogon poetry) should have remembered “Don’t Panic!” (in the friendliest letters possible). If I include what I need to do today, I’m behind 5134 words, 3 days worth. I still plan to get 2000 today SOMEHOW.


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