Post-NaNoWriMo Plans

I think I have decided to put aside the story I was working on during NaNo and go back to what I was working on before November. Over the course of November, I learned that I truly can get some writing done, almost (if not) every day. This story has been churning inside me for a long time, and I really want to press on with it. The NaNo story may have potential at some point, but the other one is really calling to me. The characters are already more real to me than the ones in the NaNo story, but probably just because I’ve already spent so much more time with them in residence in the attic in my brain. Why, just yesterday I had one being especially vocal in the middle of a two-hour staff meeting. And he has such a seductive voice. He’s becoming a borderline stalker now, naughty boy. I think I have only scratched the surface of his dark nature. But maybe not, perhaps he is not the villain the rest of the characters think he is. At any rate, I’ve added about 500 words to that story since the weekend. Not much, I need to get back into the groove that I had in the early days of November. And with that thought, off I go…

2 thoughts on “Post-NaNoWriMo Plans

  1. It’s a dilemma, isn’t it, figuring out what to work on after Nano? I find that I’ll probably be working on two novels at once, which is not at all unusual for me. I want to continue developing the characters from my Nanowrimo novel, while going back to revising last year’s nano novel. The one I was working on before November rolled around is temporarily on hold. As long as you’re writing, I say.


  2. Hear, hear! I’ve heard that advice, if you stall on one project, work on something else. Just keep moving forward on SOMETHING. I figure I’ll do the same thing, keep on with the pre-NaNo story until I hit a wall on that one, then work on the NaNo story until I can break the block.

    Are you going to keep on with the Weekend Challenges now? I’m trying to do 1,000 words/day. I think I hit 700 yesterday, so I think it’s totally within my reach. Now I just have to figure out some way to hold my own feet to the fire and make myself hit that target with the impetus from NaNo.


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