Writing Habits of Sci-Fi Authors

Found on io9 this morning, an article about the writing habits of sci-fi authors, one of whom, Isaac Asimov, is my idol. I light candles at his picture. My parents met him once at a company party where my dad worked in the ’60s (and yes, I realize I’m dating myself here. So be it).

Now personally, I don’t know how anyone can be productive and drink, as Kingsley Amis claims to do. I know Hemingway was a famous drunk, as was Dylan Thomas. Drinking just puts me to sleep. Seriously, one glass of wine and I’m ready for my pj’s and blankie. Not to mention (but I will) I’ve always been a ‘morning person’. I get this whole up-at-the-crack-of-dawn routine, it works for me. Maybe because it’s the only time of day I know no one is going to be bugging me for any reason.

So of course I can appreciate Haruki Murakami’s 9:00 bedtime. And oh look, it’s just 9:00 here… wait, that’s a.m. I guess that means I have to be conscious for the next twelve hours.

3 thoughts on “Writing Habits of Sci-Fi Authors

  1. Too funny! I actually had to pull up my horoscope again just to make sure I was remembering it right. Sure enough.

    Glad you liked the writers’ habits article on io9, I’m always fascinated by how other writers connect with their muses.


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