Majel Barrett Roddenberry Dies

2008_12_18t181503_450x394_us_roddenberryIt is with heavy heart that I read the news yesterday that Majel Barrett Roddenberry (aka Nurse Chapel, aka Lwuxana Troi) has left us to join her late husband among the stars in the heavens. (no, to my knowledge, her remains are not going up on the space shuttle, but anything can happen). I remember her first of course as Nurse Chapel in TOS, nursing an unrequited crush on Mr. Spock who at times almost seemed like he wanted to return her affection but never did. Then of course she was the computer voice in nearly all the spin-offs and finally the ebullient, somewhat flamboyant love machine Lwuxana Troi, mother of Counselor Deanna Troi, Betazoid ambassador, who variously crushed on Captain Picard, Odo (DS9), and a handful of others.  She played a sort of surrogate mother to Worf’s young son, and of course in the very first pilot for TOS she was one of the bridge officers, back when she sported brunette hair and wore pants.

She may not have been an author but I still have a very special place in my heart for all things Trek, and of course sci-fi in general.

Godspeed, Majel.

2 thoughts on “Majel Barrett Roddenberry Dies”

  1. I was really sad to hear the news, too.

    Majel was great. I liked her “Number One” in the original pilot. Very cool character. Too bad the network execs were too sexist back then to allow her to be first officer,


  2. Yes, I’m sure they felt they were being very liberal and edgy just to have all the various races on the bridge (Russian, Japanese, even a black woman who really was a glorified telephone operator) and for the time I guess they were. HBO hadn’t come on the scene yet, nobody really wanted to go out on a limb and take a risk.

    But it always saddens me to lose one of these visionary types.


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