The snows are beginning to melt and turn into a slushy mess, although many of the sidestreets are still impassable without chains, and not much better with. Several weeks ago as I raked up the last of the maples leaves in my front yard I found my daffodils were already poking up through the ground! The snows don’t hurt them, they do this every year and it always amazes me. The tulips will probably start showing soon, if they’re not already underneath all the snow. So spring is planning to arrive on schedule, it would seem. The leaves however are still sitting in snow-covered piles out on the street, waiting for the city to come by and vacuum them up although I suspect it will be a couple more weeks at least before they get around to that.

I started re-reading my current WIP last night, and was horrified to see what a jumbled mess I’ve created. I think “lacks focus” only begins to describe it. Awhile back I blogged about whether to turn the character I had initially envisioned as my protagonist into a more minor character, since I was finding her less than compelling and couldn’t seem to flesh her out, although another character, more or less her nemesis, was shaping up a whole lot better. Maybe I’m just better at writing testy hot-headed characters. Anyway, I need to rethink where I’m taking this whole thing, and find a better way of breaking down chapters. Word is not an especially writer-friendly program, I think.

So anyway, due to the snow, I’ve been cooped up in the house for a week now, with one break a few days ago when I walked to the store a few blocks away. I’m going to attempt to drive out today, and with luck won’t end up stuck in the middle of the road spinning my wheels unable to gain any traction (kind of like my WIP).  About the only writing I’ve accomplished today is this blog entry and a shopping list.


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  1. tho i hate the slush and mess i actually wish we could get some snow around here…we get about one a year on the VA coast…ironically we had a big snowfall a couple March’s ago on the weekend of our annual Daffodil Festival 🙂
    I use Word still too, mostly b/c i am just so used to it. I would be interested if there was a better [and cheap!] program made for writers, especially novels…let us know if you find anything 🙂


  2. Hi Jan,

    Yeah, it was quite a mess here, especially since Portland is so ill-prepared to deal with this sort of thing. I’ve only been here for 16 years, but I understand they haven’t seen a snow fall like this in close to 30 years. It’s melting quickly now, temps are already close to 50 this morning! But there is a sense of “completion” to the year when you get a good snowfall, and that cold, bracing air. There’s something very refreshing in it.

    There is one program I was going to look into that is actually free (!) called yWriter. I haven’t tried it but it looks interesting.


  3. Hey, rough drafts are supposed to be a mess. Just get through it, and then pick it apart. speaking of snow – we’ve got around 3 feet, 6 more inches expected tonight, and it probably won’t melt until spring…


  4. Well in that case I’m doing a bang-up job! 🙂

    Oh good god! I hope you’re more prepared for the snow than we were around here, it sounded like you are from something you said the other day. I don’t even own a snow shovel, all I have is a garden shovel for digging dirt. Takes a long time to clear a driveway with one of those. Have you had to start shoveling the roof yet?? I can hardly believe all the snow and it’s only December (not to depress you, mind you). I’ve got tire chains on backorder, who knows if I’ll even see them this winter. Where’s global warming when we need it?


  5. Re: first drafts, I believe it’s Anne Lamotte who writes so beautifully about shitty first drafts… Of course they’re supposed to be a mess. Messy is good. All true creative stuff comes from chaos, right?

    Re: the snow. There’s prepared, and then there’s “how could we ever be quite prepared for *that*?” Yep, we’ve been up on the roof – had the kids tethered off with a rope, shoveling away. Snow is supposed to slide off the roof, but it didn’t. Which is probably good, because it broke the stove pipe chimney as it was. The challenge of the day is to figure out what to do with the snowbanks along the driveway, because if we plow again we won’t have room to drive. And it’s snowing. Another possible 7 inches the forecast says.


  6. Ayiyiyi. It’s pouring rain here, lakes are forming in the street and in my driveway. I can only imagine how much snow this would be if it were snow.

    The few inches (10 or so) we had here nearly immobilized the area for over a week. Only the very brave / foolhardy / desperate ventured out. This is of course one of the main reasons I want to live at the coast, because it rarely snows there (that and I’m basically a beach bum at heart, tsunami danger notwithstanding).


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