Daily Quote with a dash of humor

‘Contrary to what many of you may imagine, a career in letters is not without its drawbacks – chief among them the unpleasant fact that one is frequently called upon to sit down and write.’

Fran Lebowitz

A modern Dorothy Parker, she’s been called. If I could I’d never do anything but write: at the keyboard, with pen and paper, however. The reality is I’d get really hungry eventually, which means shopping, cooking, cleaning… feh. Forgot to buy a lottery ticket again which means I won’t be independently wealthy any time soon and no flock of servants to keep house for me.

4 thoughts on “Daily Quote with a dash of humor

  1. Speaking of quotes – writing about writing –
    here’s a lovely one I ran across from Samuel Beckett:

    “Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Fail again. Fail better.”


  2. I saw that! LOL I was thinking of putting that one up. I love reading quotes about writing, and that one is just excellent. I have another fave I’ll probably post soon. They keep me going, and give me the courage to keep trying.


  3. Great minds think alike 😉 I’ve got a good one from James Joyce – let me confirm the language and I’ll bring it over.

    Have you ever read any Donald E. Westlake? The forwards and intros to his novels were always full of really clever little insights into his process, but a little too detailed to sum up in a pithy line or 2.


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