Seven Degrees of Separation

Well, it seems I’ve been tagged for the Seven Degrees of Separation meme by Uppington (who, by the way, is also responsible for getting me to take a stab at NaNoWriMo last year, for which I am eternally grateful). I’m playing a little fast and loose with the rules, but the deal is to ‘fess up with seven things about myself. So here goes:

1. Ghosts and the supernatural fascinate me. I have never encountered a ghost, and would publicly scoff at the suggestion, but I can’t resist the idea of them. I even own two ouija boards, which I never use. I love to watch those “Haunted Places” kinds of shows on cable channels. I suppose like most people who want to believe in ghosts the desire to believe stems from wanting proof of life after death. If I have ghosts in my house they are very quiet and more than welcome to hang out. I’m just sayin’.

2. As my screen name implies, I am a curious mix of Luddite and 21st-century tech geek. Part of me longs for a return to an agrarian-based simple life, but another part embraces new-fangled gadgetry.

3. I took violin lessons briefly, when I was nine-years-old, and have loved the violin ever since. It was only for one year, then we moved away, and I haven’t touched a violin since. (cue sad violin music)

4. As I mentioned to Uppington, I don’t much care for the telephone. I was somewhat notorious in high school for not calling people when I said I would. Just couldn’t bring myself to pick the thing up and make a call. I had an unreasoning fear that I would be interrupting something important, that my timing would always be bad and disturb the person unduly. To this day, I still have that fear. Incredibly enough, I worked as a receptionist for awhile. It was torture. Not that I had to call out much, but the awkwardness of talking to someone unknown became a daily torment. I think it’s that shy thing, I was always very shy.

5. I’m an amateur astronomer, and live in possibly the worst part of the country for that particular hobby. My telescope has been gathering more dust than starlight lately. Don’t get me started talking about it, though. Like most amateur astronomers I LOVE to talk about this hobby and don’t know when to shut up. By the way, it’s the International Year of Astronomy this year…

6. I attended a two-room schoolhouse in first grade. The first grade occupied the first floor, second grade was upstairs. We had an actual bell in the belfry that students would be chosen to ring to summon us in to class. The girls got to play on the blacktopped side, the boys played on the grassy side of the building (total segregation of the sexes). It’s now a museum.

7. I collect Tarot cards. The collection is hovering at approximately 50 decks right now, and I’ve got a couple new ones in my sights… I collect them, read them, study them, absolutely love them.

So there we have my seven things. All that remains is for me to pass the… I mean tag seven more to play. Tragically (or lucky for you) I don’t know that many bloggers who haven’t already been tagged for this particular meme. Be that as it may, I’ll pick on:

1. Pace J. Miller, who may yet be saved from a life of lawyerdom, and who is also an aspiring writer and cycling enthusiast like myself.

2. Just Williams, who writes a thoroughly entertaining blog about his biking and life in Wales.

3. Ana C. Nunes, a fabulous artist and writer residing in Portugal, and who also encouraged me through NaNoWriMo.

4. janflora at Writer’s Flow, who is just a lovely, expressive writer, and totally put me to shame by staying up and writing late into the night during NaNoWriMo while I was happily snoozing.

5. Mike at The Misanthropist’s Muse because we both catch our typos after it’s too late… 😉

6. MaryJBlog at Year of the Ox because we have known eachother since… well, not quite since the Pleistocene, but close.

Ok, that’s close enough to playing by the rules.

17 thoughts on “Seven Degrees of Separation

  1. Hey Astro Sis,

    You probably won’t be surprised to hear that I also hate talking on the phone. I deal with them at work since they’re my job. But sit at home chatting on them? No. Thank you.

    My favorite fortune telling decks are The Russian Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards and The Faery Oracle. I prefer those to the standard tarot.

    Ghosts? They’re very real.

    Funny that you mentioned them because my character, Anne, was just musing about them in my novel. She’s at that stage where she’s not sure that she can believe what she saw. 🙂


  2. Now those are the best ghost stories, when the ghosts manifest in a random, realistic manner. The slasher/gore/horror stuff isn’t nearly as frightening, or as interesting to me. There’s an old b&w movie called “The Uninvited” with Ray Milland, Olivia Hussey and Gail Jones that gives me shivers everytime I watch it.

    I don’t have either of those decks, is that the Froud Faeries Oracle? I’ve been eyeing that deck, I love Froud’s work. I think next up for me is either the Bohemian Gothic Tarot, or the new one by Kat Black, The Touchstone Tarot. I have some non-Tarot divinatory decks, but most are standard Tarot.

    That’s too funny how we hate phones. If I use my cell 3 times a month it’s a lot for me!


  3. I love, “The Uninvited”.

    Have you seen, “The Innocents” with Deborah Kerr? I recently watched the full film on youtube. Incredibly beautiful and eerie.

    Yup. It’s the one by Froud. The pictures are so magical that my subconscious immediately takes over when I’m doing a reading.

    Now off to look up the Bohemian Gothic Tarot…


  4. Thanks for remebering me. I guess I haven’t been around much.
    I’ll be doing this, though I doubt I can get 7 others to do it. But is it alright if I do this in Portuguese?


  5. Hi Ana! You bet, I know your main blog is in Portuguese (which I’m sorry to say I can’t speak). But go for it anyway! 🙂 I’ll translate as much as I can.


  6. All these years, and I never knew about the 2-room schoolhouse – that’s so neat! Clearly it prepared you as well as the smug suburban school system where we attended junior high & high school. I myself learned to read in parochial school, from an ancient nun whose Polish accent was as thick as cabbage soup – I have no idea what her educational background was, there’s probably no way she’d get certified under today’s “no child left behind” standards, but all the kids loved her and the experience does not appeared to have scarred me in any way. (Come to think of it THEY had seprate playgrounds for the boys & girls, too. Strange…)


    I can vouch for D-Dame’s facility with the tarot cards – she read my cards long distance a year or 2 ago and put my mind at ease on issues that I hadn’t mentioned to ANYBODY! It was uncanny.


  7. No Nunzilla?? 🙂 I never attended parochial school, but my two oldest sisters did, and in fact attended all the way through high school. My memories of my first grade school are so precious, it was such a unique experience. I went to a different school for 2nd grade because my best friend at the time was moved to the bigger school (some kind of local zoning at the time) and I begged and pleaded and cried and my mother called the school district and begged and pleaded to have me moved with my friend.

    Thanks for the shout-out on the Tarot reading. I keep toying with the idea of reading for cash, to earn a few extra bucks, but not sure I could ever bring myself to do it. It can be really nerve-wracking reading in public.


  8. I went to a birthday party once where the host hired a psychic to do reading for everybody, sorta like a party favor. Maybe you could do gigs like that – it’d be different, probably less stressful than hanging out a shingle and having to talk to whomever walks thru the door. I’ll bet you could be hugely popular at batchelorette parties..


  9. Thanks for picking one me! I’ll do my best to to reveal some secrets but I’m such a blog baby (less than a month old) that I doubt I know 7 other bloggers! I will try though.


  10. thank god for bent rules! I am going to do my part too…eventually-its on The List ;)…just wanted to say thank you for such a kind compliment- every ego-boost helps!


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