A Little Follow-Up on the Helium discussion

A few weeks ago I talked about a blog here on WordPress that was basically a sales pitch for the article mill, Helium.com. Surfing through blogs again this morning, I ran across Freelance Writing Income Home who has actually tried writing for them, and has broken down the numbers.

Just in case anybody was wondering they’re not good, although I don’t expect there was much suspense there, was there? I just read this Freelance Writing Income blog this morning, but he seems to be making a living doing this stuff so it seems be worth checking out further. Darren Rowse of Problogger.net has been making a tidy income (reportedly in six figures) for some time now blogging. While blogging as a career has not been my main ambition, it is fun, it’s something I really do enjoy doing, and if I could make some money from doing it that would not be such a bad thing. Darren freely shares what he’s learned about blogging as a business so if you’re interested he’s a great resource although you’d have to get a blog somewhere else to do it as WordPress doesn’t allow that.

That said, writing articles for these article mill sites doesn’t seem to be of any value whatsoever. And don’t even get me started on term paper mills.

3 thoughts on “A Little Follow-Up on the Helium discussion

  1. Writers who want to earn money from blogging should also check out Copyblogger.com. I read Brian Clark’s blog not because I blog for a living (which I don’t, obviously), but because he offers a lot of common sense tips about writing in general. He is also successful at what he does, so the articles are worth a read. Lots of them are guest posts, so you get lots of variety.

    In total agreement with you on the write-for-pennies sites and term-paper mills. Not worth my time, especially when there are print publications that pay 10 times as much (if not more) on a regular basis.


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