Storm Coming In


And these are only half as dark as the storm clouds we got about a week ago when we had funnel clouds touching down. That was a scary drive home, looking over my shoulder at every stoplight to see if there was a tornado behind me.

12 thoughts on “Storm Coming In

  1. That photo looks like an oil painting.

    But I’m a bit disappointed. In one sentence, you manage to throw in “dark”, “storm”, and “clouds”. “Clouds” twice, actually. Yet not one mention of your vamp? Blasphemy! 😉

    Hey, did you notice that the Hawt post was on Christopher Lee being knighted? I instantly thought of you and your post.


  2. Heheh! My vamp is having a busy day today, bless his icy little heart. I should print out one of those photos (I must have snapped 30 before I got one I was happy with) and use for atmospheric inspiration.

    I didn’t see that on the Hawt Posts links, I’ll go take a look,thanks! It’s generated some interest for my little post, busiest day I’ve ever had on this blog (I should probably add that’s not saying a whole lot on my tiny little blog). I’m so pleased for him. I’ll have to check and see if he has a star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame.


  3. That photograph is absolutely amazing! Gorgeous, gorgeous clouds. I don’t envy you your funnel clouds but Seattle has been unusually dry of late and I would love a good storm to blow our away. Hope these clouds in your part of the world turn out to be the kind that stirs memories and imagination and not fear. 🙂


  4. I love storms and that’s a great pic, but they can be so scary too.

    I’ve seen clouds like that around here and usually the tornado warning sirens are blaring when I do.

    Christopher Lee was knighted? Cool! 😀


    1. The clouds with the storm that produced the funnel clouds were the blackest clouds I’ve ever seen in my life. At least I have a basement to go to, but of course no sirens sounded in this area. I think the town still has a siren system in place, a relic of WWII, but whether it still works or not I have no idea.

      I’m just glad CL was still around to receive the honor. At 87, there’s no telling how much longer he might be with us.


  5. I heard last week that some woman in Cedar Rapids, Iowa may have found a new classification of cloud, and it has the whole acedemic cloud community all abuzz. Seems there hasn’t been a “new cloud” since the early 1950’s so I guess there is still a chance to discover something new under the sun.

    And it makes me marvel at other folks’ work…..who knew there were folks who make up the Cloud Academy?


    1. Rosie, I saw that article and the photo she took. The photo was very surreal, the light on the hills behind (or rather, where the hills should have been, they were obscured by rain or dust) made it seem otherworldly. It was quite unusual.

      That is funny, Cloud Academy 🙂 I can certainly understand the fascination with clouds, though, I take lots of photos of clouds.


  6. I saw the same article. The horizon looked greenish gray and the cloud was like a solid wall above. It was fantastic. I believe someone described it as apocalyptic in the article. It would be so amazing to look out your window and see something like that.

    Cloud Academy made me laugh at the time too but if you think about it it makes sense.


  7. Hi Venus,

    Yes, the colors were so strange. I think I’ve posted other pictures I’ve taken of clouds here (or maybe over on my Wandering Mind blog?), they can be so fascinating to look at.


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