io9 Find: Buffy vs. Edward Mash-up

For those who, like me, have not read the Twilight series, nor seen the movie, you can now feel completely justified. This jewel of a video located in an article at io9 about why vamps have become heartthrobs is too funny to miss. The video is the first vid, right under the photo of Angel and Spike at the top of the article.  But fair warning, don’t watch it on your laptop in the middle of a staff meeting. I was doing all I could to keep from howling with laughter at my desk. If the rest of the writing in Twilight is as dreadful as the few lines we hear from Edward in these clips, it astonishes me that millions of teenage girls have not clawed their own eyes out. I think I literally cringed.

I also never saw one episode of BTVS, I’m starting to think that was a mistake:

“I’m the Slayer. S L A Y E R. The Chosen One. Look it up.”

As always be sure to read the comments accompanying the article, that’s often the best part.


17 thoughts on “io9 Find: Buffy vs. Edward Mash-up

  1. Digital Dame says:

    I think I’m either going to have to rent it or buy the DVDs. I saw at least a couple seasons of Angel, and loved Firefly, so I’m sure I’d enjoy Buffy. Joss Whedon is definitely my style 😉


  2. maryjblog says:

    I never watched it either, Didge. Let me know if you think I should pick up the DVD – sometimes I like to have a few episodes of a TV show at the lodge in the hills, to simulate the pretense of TV reception.


  3. Digital Dame says:

    Heh, that’s why I buy DVDs now. Since I don’t have cable and haven’t picked up a digital converter or an digital-ready tv I’m left with DVDs to watch. You’d think with my screen name I’d be all over the whole digital revolution, but no. 😉


  4. Venus says:

    I watched the video. It was entertaining, especially because there were actually two clips from Harry Potter which I found hilarious.

    I could not finish reading that article though because it was way too long on a subject that does not deserve that many words, whether you look at it from a vampire angle or TV show angle. Good heavens!


  5. Digital Dame says:

    I skimmed the article after that as well, but some of the comments were pretty hilarious! I think there are actually college courses on the BTVS series (and Harry Potter now, too). I watched the video a couple times, and saw the credit at the end for use of Harry Potter clips, but didn’t actually catch the HP clips. I’ll have to watch it again. I love the way they blended the two, Buffy’s comments and Edward’s incoherent mumblings. “What are you, 12?” LOL


  6. jennareynolds says:

    I’ve seen all the seasons of Angel, but have yet to immerse myself in the entire Buffyverse but everyone I know who watched Buffy highly recommends it and I hope to catch up with the entire series via my friendly neighborhood library.

    As for Edward Cullen and the Twilight phenom, I take the fifth. 🙂


  7. maryjblog says:

    Everyone’s entitled to their own crap. I have no interest in Twilight (do you have to be < 30 y.o. to find Pattinson attractive? His appeal is lost on me, and that sullen-faced girl who plays the love interest … ?!) but I enjoy some crapular entertainment that nobody else would believe. This week, I must admit, truth is better than fiction – I feel just terrible for S.C. Governor Mark Sanford's sons, but those emails to & from his g.f. are cracking me up. At least the Twilight fans have their callow youth as an excuse.


  8. Digital Dame says:

    Ok, Jenna, you’re scaring me 😉 j/k

    I’m not sure I could sit through all the seasons, that show ran for awhile didn’t it? Even Angel started getting old after awhile. Probably 2 or 3 seasons and I’ll have had enough.


  9. Digital Dame says:

    I do think Pattinson is a good-looking kid (actually I think he was cuter in HP as Cedric Diggory), but that Kristen Stewart is getting creepy in real life.

    I haven’t seen the e-mails re: Sanford & his gf, but I was stunned to see his wife said he deserves a second chance. I can only assume she stands to lose too much if she dumps him.


    • maryjblog says:

      At least she didn’t put on a pastel-colored suit and stand martyrishly by his side at the press conference, like so many other political wives. The impression I get is that she kicked his cheating ass out of the house and is talking reconciliation just so that she herself will come out of this smelling like a rose: if they ultimately divorce, she can say it was because he couldn’t control his problem.


  10. Venus says:

    I watched Twilight. It was a weak moment. To be honest, I watched it because it is set in Washington state and I heard it had some beautiful location shots which turned out to be true. The rest of it – oh my! I don’t know if the acting was bad or it was intentionally a caricature.

    Re: Sanford. I was applauding when I read that his wife had asked him to move out two weeks ago. We can use more strong women role models in politics even if by marriage. The quick about face was disappointing but I don’t know their reasons for it.


  11. Digital Dame says:

    The Twilight books are set in Washington, but the movie was actually filmed here in Oregon (the “high school” was Corbett Elementary in Portland, and they also filmed at Clackamas Community College at the Oregon City campus, as well as several other locations in Oregon. See Twilight Fan Packages for a list of the filming locations). If I want to see St. Helens, or the Gorge I’ll just drive out to them 😉 Multnomah Falls is of course out on I-84 in the Gorge. It’s fabulous in the winter when there’s snow and no tourists, and you can have the place to yourself! The Lodge there does a really nice brunch, too. Meyer apparently did very little research on the area, apart from knowing we get a lot of rain and gray days here.

    When I first heard it was filmed here I thought I’d go see the movie just because it was filmed locally, but I just can’t bring myself to do it! The Gorge is stunning, I’ll have to go out and get some photos one of these days to post here. I have some old ones but haven’t got them scanned in.


  12. uppington says:

    Thanks for the morning laugh, and the glimpse at Twilight. This is the closest I will ever come to either watching the movie or reading the book. Seen enough, thank you!


  13. Digital Dame says:

    hehe, my pleasure. This is one of the biggest criticisms of her books, that she did ZERO research, and made up all kinds of s*** about Native American beliefs and so on. I guess the old adage, “Write what you know” would still be good advice 😉 And that’s why I go bonkers researching stuff, and may have to haul MaryJ on an international jaunt with me one of these days. Of course, there’s a lot of info to be found on the interwebs, and at the local library, as well. If nothing else, the Twilight books can serve as a cautionary tale of What Not To Do.


  14. Venus says:

    I feel completely gypped now. All this time I thought it was Washington, my reason for seeing this incredibly annoying movie. That’s it. I am done with this series.


  15. Digital Dame says:

    LOL awww, I’m sorry!

    When I saw the trailers I recognized the Gorge right off, and of course Multnomah Falls is unmistakable so I knew it was filmed around here. And of course all the local news stations talked about it once the movie was released. Funny we didn’t hear more when it was actively filming.


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