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Margaret Atwood Twitters & Blogs

Found at Book Ninja:

August 17, 2009

Margaret Atwood blogs

Margaret Atwood, or at the very least a robot developed by Margaret Atwood, is not only Twittering, but blogging her upcoming book tour.

How many celebrities of any stripe (authors, actors, politicians, etc.) do we think are using robots to blog and Twitter for them? Raise your hand if you think “all of them.”

It’s too absurd to think these people are actually spending their time cranking out ‘tweets.’


6 thoughts on “Margaret Atwood Twitters & Blogs”

  1. hehe, a ‘bot’ is just a program. Think of it like those viruses that hide on your computer and execute themselves at a certain time or date. I’m guessing most celebs have ‘bots’ set to run at certain times, pumping out pre-written info. If I were going to do something like that I’d get a whole month’s work of crap lined up and ready to roll at predetermined intervals. Lots of Boolean logic at work.


  2. It’s not quite that sinister 😉 The program resides on the host’s computer, it’s not downloading any executable files to anyone else (in this case, at least). It just uses the clock in the host computer as a timer, and then sends out pre-written scripts. Same way you can set up “reminders” for yourself on Outlook, or some other program. When it reads a certain date and time that you set for it, it will pop up the reminder, or e-mail a notice to you. I use that feature A LOT! 🙂


    1. yah, a law firm I worked for called it a “tickle” – if I serve papers today and I need to check in a month to see if the recipient filed a response or defaulted, I’d enter a Tickle for 28 days from today. Sounds like the same thing.


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