When is it Time for a Web Site?

I’ve been giving some thought to whether or not to register a domain name for my chosen pen name. I’m not sure if it’s way too early to think about this or not. I keep seeing articles encouraging it, even if you don’t plan to do anything with it immediately. I don’t think I’m in imminent danger of losing the name to someone else, but you never can tell.

Since I have finally decided on a pen name to use (should the day ever come…) I’m thinking maybe I should just go ahead and at least get the .com address, if not the .org, and .net as well. I’m still debating about Twitter. I don’t think there’s much rush, the name I’ve chosen is not common (although not outlandish either). Eventually I expect I’ll want to have a site without “wordpress” in the title but I don’t plan to abandon my blogs here. WordPress.org even has suggestions for hosting companies. There are scads of them out there, I guess the thing to do is try one for awhile and see how it goes. But, that’s getting way ahead. For now I should probably just worry about getting the domain name(s) registered.

And here’s my ‘weather report.’  The weather is finally cooling down, and the night air tonight seems downright chilly at 68F. Geese are arriving from the north for the winter, coming in noisy flocks over my house and backyard. I even have some bats swooping around the backyard, looks like a pair of them. With my vampire obsession I sort of wonder if they’re anyone I know…


 I hope they find all the bugs their little hearts desire. At not even 9:00 p.m., civil twilight,  it’s already growing quite dark. The wheel turns. Two months past Midsummer, and I can sense fall. The trees can too, some of the leaves are already turning. After the heat we’ve had over the last two weeks, I’m looking forward to some rain and cool days.


15 thoughts on “When is it Time for a Web Site?”

  1. I’ve been thinking of putting up my website too. I love my pen name and don’t want to have to come up with another.

    Plus, maybe putting it up will help create positive energy in terms of finding agent and getting published.


  2. Hi Tasha,

    It might be a good idea to at least buy the domain name, if it’s a name you plan to use more in the future. I’ve already checked and mine is available, but I expected that, it’s not a common name. I’m still trying to figure out how this all works, if I use WordPress on my own site will it still be linked to WordPress.com so my page will turn up in searches? I guess I need to pick up that book on running WP. They’re holdind a WordCamp here in Portland next month, but it’s already sold out.

    re: the new header, thanks! I found it at From Old Books. I just love to redecorate 🙂


  3. I say register the pen/domain name, at the very least – you’ll want to hang yourself if you wait and somebody else claims it.

    We’re in Block Island, RI and the weather’s just what you’d expect on a resort island: sunny, hot & humid. We keep hearing rumours about the vestiges of Hurricane Bill, stormy seas, cancelled ferries, and the like, but so far it’s just been High Summer.


    1. Oh fabulous! So glad the hurricane isn’t ruining it for you. Do the locals get worried about impending hurricanes or just shrug it off? New Englanders are a hardy lot. Enjoy your holiday!

      Yeah, that’s what I’m thinking re: the domain name. Even if I never use it, it’s only a few bucks a year to keep it registered. It’d be just my luck for someone else to come up with the same name 😉


  4. Oh, now you’ve given me something else to worry about. Although the possibility of someone else claiming Uppington Smythe is probably slim. 🙂


  5. Let me get the domain registered and then I’ll fill you in. 😉 This is a very small blog, but I do get the occasional passersby so just in case… If you’re really dying to know I can e-mail you.


  6. Hi DD!
    I say “go for it” and be the Mistress of Your Domain. I will be one of your first hits as well. If your site is anything half as well-crafted as your blog, you will have traffic enough.

    BTW — I love your new page topper. and I love the balance of post contents, too.

    I sense change in the air myself. I think I always feel this way when “back to school” season rolls around. And the Jewish holidays marking the New Year also resonates with me more than the calendar changing on Jan. 1. I think i am just a creature of the seasons.


  7. Hi Rosie 🙂

    Thank you so much for all the compliments! I will be sure to let you know when I inaugurate a new site.

    I just had to go look up when Rosh Hashanah falls this year, and the page I went to (http://judaism.about.com/od/roshhashana/qt/when09rh.htm) is running ads from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints 🙂 Too funny. All I can say to them is, good luck with that!

    I like following the seasons, aligning myself with the natural calendar as well. It’s one of the things that drew me to paganism. I love seeing the change of seasons, love feeling that first cool breeze from the north. I feel like it recharges my batteries somehow.


  8. For me it’s the quality of the light – the days are shorter in the fall and spring, but somehow there’s less haze in the air, and I like when there’s more light than heat. Sunny winter days are just beautiful, but the long dark nights make me a little lethargic. I must have some pagan ancestors back in my past, b/c the longest and shortest days of the year always mean a lot to me.


  9. We all have pagan ancestors 😉 The rhythms of nature are ingrained in us, although these days many people have lost touch. I like seeing the slant of light as it gets lower in the fall, it seems more golden, softer.


  10. DD,

    I totally understand you waiting to reveal your name.

    As for me, I want heat all year long *with* the change of seasons. It would be pretty neat to go out in some white winterwonderland and not freeze. Now that would be a fun magickal world. 🙂


  11. Hahaha! I like the way you think. Well, there’s always that fake snow they use in the movies 😉 By April I’m usually dying to feel some heat here, too. But I can live without those 100+ degree days!


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