The damage is done. I bought my domain name, and started a new blog at my very own non-WordPress site! EEEEEK! Wow, does this feel weird. The new blog is powered by WordPress software, but I haven’t done the actual Web site yet.

It’s pretty lame right now, I just have the one page with one tiny little post. Honestly I don’t know what I’ll be posting there, but since I’m paying for it I may as well put something up. If anyone is interested in the details, I can either post it here, or e-mail you.

Oh, right. If you want to have a look, it’s at ::::::drumroll please::::::

D. D. Syrdal

I feel like that should be in BIG BOLD LETTERING.

Oh, and I would like to thank Tasha (Gypsyscarlett) and MaryJBlog for their suggestions that lead to the creation of my pen name.


26 thoughts on “TADA!”

  1. Well congrats.
    The pen name you choose is quite appealing. I like it.
    I’ve been thinking about buying my own domain, but I’m not so sure yet. Should do it before someone else buys it.


  2. Hi Ana!

    Thanks 🙂

    I guess it depends on how likely it is that someone else might come up with the same name. If your name isn’t real common, there’s probably no need to rush. Have you checked to see if it’s available? Any of the domain registrars, like GoDaddy, or Network Solutions, or Web hosts like Lunarpages.com, BlueHost, etc., can run the check. It should be on their front page. I only bought the .com extension for now, although some articles I’ve seen advise purchasing the .com, .org, and .net domains. I passed on the other two for now.


  3. Welcome to the world, Ms. Syrdal!!!!!! Certainly send me the link to your new page, as soon as you put it up for good.


  4. Heya MJ! 🙂

    Thanks, I feel like I took a huge step here. I don’t guess I’ll have anything to put on a Web page until I actually have a book published. I’m still trying to figure out what to do with the new blog. I can’t even figure out how to get all the plug-ins we take for granted here on WP.com like stats, gravatars, etc. on the new page. I think I need to get the book on WordPress. Maybe that sitewizard.com site will have some helpful info.


  5. ” I don’t guess I’ll have anything to put on a Web page until I actually have a book published. ”

    I’ve never done it, but what do the pro’s say about that time when you have a finished, or nearly finished book or story and you’re shopping for an agent – does anybody ever post a “sample” excerpt and forward the URL to agents and/or publishers? Or you could ask McCaustic what published authors put on their websites – he works for a big publishing company in NY.


  6. There is some risk in posting anything unpublished on the Web, some agents (and publishers) consider it as having been published. I’m not exactly sure why that’s considered a problem, though, not sure if it has to do with FNASR or something else.

    All the advice I’ve seen from editors and those in the know advises putting up a Web site as long as three years in advance of when you hope to have a book published. In that time, you’re expected to start (somehow) creating buzz and growing a fan-base/readership. I don’t see how you can without giving them some hint of your story and writing ability.


  7. Awesome! Congratulations…it really is a big move 🙂 we seem to often be on the same wavelength b/c I just started another blog and was thinking I should buy the domain name because I like it and wanna have control over it (haha!)…but I am confused on putting things together and do like the easy access wordpress gives us. You may have convinced me to go for it (along w/ yesterday’s horrorscope which basically said, if there is something you want to do creatively now, go for it!)

    I think one cool thing authors do with their sites before actual publication is to introduce the characters. I have seen some that are set up to look like a character’s blog or a pretend photo gallery. One author even gave teh characters their own songs and had them on his site before release. That way we future readers can get hooked early, but you do not have to use actual material from the book. It is true that work published online is considered first-run, but I think there may be room for short excerpts. Good luck! Very exciting!


    1. Hi Jan,

      Congrats on the new blog! You can have WordPress host it, as I mentioned above. It’s cheap and you’d have all the easy access you’re used to. They will even register the name for you. If you go here:


      It explains how to have it on WordPress, without the ‘wordpress’ in the domain name. I thought about doing that but I really wanted to have more control. I actually really like doing Web design, it’s fun, so I want to get into CSS and really personalize it eventually.

      That’s an intersting idea about introducing the characters. I’ll have to think about that. ::::insert puff of smoke from overheated brain::::


  8. Congrats DD!

    And great pen name. 🙂

    I echo Jenna’s idea. I had the same thought about discussing what the story was about, list of characters, etc. I already have a blog post on my characters so I could just copy that over on my site. Whenever, it goes up, that is.

    I also only bought .com for now.


    1. Thanks, Tasha 🙂

      I will have to put some thought into what I can put on the Web about it in advance. If I was any good at art I was thinking it would be fun to put up some sketches of what the characters look like in my mind, almost like a graphic novel. Sadly, I can barely draw stick figures.


  9. At the beginning of all her” Mrs. Murphy” novels (those are the ones where the animals help their owners solve crimes) she introduces as “cast of characters” – the name and a 4-5 sentence description of each principal character, human and animal. It’s not really necessary b/c the books are an easy read, but they function as a fun little prologue. Maybe, as the completion/publication date grows nearer, you could tease us with little “word pictures” like that…. Or if you want to get really commercial, do stuff like readers’ polls: “OK, who’s going to play Bruno in the movie version? He’s a tall, redheaded, full-lipped vampire with one blue eye and one brown eye. Who are you seeing?”


  10. I wonder if maybe I should do some “flash fiction” featuring some of the characters? Little things, unrelated to the actual novel? That’d be a good exercise for me, as well.


  11. I especially like that “we” can’t determine the gender of D.D. Syrdal. To me, there is just not enough mystery left in the world. And making your pen persona a bit mysterious adds to the allure. Congrats!


  12. I was originally inspired by Rosie, who once received the weird weird compliment that she writes like a man. For those of you who haven’t met “her,” she’s actually a big buff man named Ross. 😉


  13. LOL! 😀 I remember that conversation over at your blog. I wasn’t sure if the comment was intended as a compliment, or criticism? I guess we can take those things however we choose, eh?

    Tasha said she always thinks of me as “DD” anyway so those seemed like good initials to go with. And of course you’ve encouraged me to use a surname to honor my ancestors. I like it more and more all the time 🙂 Thanks to both of you.


  14. You’re welcome, DD.

    And the cool thing is, once you get published and known- not only can I say, “I knew her when”, I can also add that I had a hand in choosing your name. 😉


  15. Thank you, MJBlog, for keeping my cover! 😉
    I was just too young to have realized what a back-handed compliment that was until YOU pointed it out so clearly. Although as I advance in age to where I imagine the Doc was when we had her class, she might have been trying to just state a fact. She may have been just a victim of her own times and experience. Maybe if I knew than what I know now I could have re-framed that feedback to show her just how it came across. At the time, I didn’t realize that students could teach their teachers, too.


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