Favorite Character?

Not to steal anyone’s thunder, and I’m happy to give credit where due, but I just ran across a really fun question on another blog, “Tales from the Crit”. I didn’t leave a comment, I had the sense it’s a small, rather insular group so I felt like I would have been intruding but thought you might like to play along. (Note: I could be completely wrong about that other blog, theyย might be perfectly happy to have folks stroll by and join the convo.)

So the question is this: If you could spend a day with one of your characters, who would it be? And why?

I’ll go first.

My vampire, Andrej. He’s a smart-ass, smart, knows all the best hot spots and has the cutest Czech accent. And then I’d have him turn me into a vampire. And a bunch of other reasons I can’t go into on a PG blog ๐Ÿ˜‰

On an unrelated note, my new blog is coming along. I’m getting plugins figured out and have the stats loaded at last. It was so much easier than I thought! There areย so many options for tracking stats, but I finally got the ones I’m used to from my WordPress.com blogs going this morning. Yippee, progress!

14 thoughts on “Favorite Character?

  1. That’s a hard one …
    I could say Gabriel, because he’s a vampire, and he’s sexy and he does all the stuff you’d want him to do, but he’s also pain sometimes, so I’m choosing … Ken (might change the name later), the main male character from my (yet unstarted) project “Blood Red”.
    He’s considerate, a true gentleman, would do anything for his woman and he’s drop dead gorgeous, not too mention what he’s like in private … XD
    So Ken wins in the end. Sorry Gabriel.


  2. Oh, lord. I can’t choose. I know which characters I don’t want to hang around with, but I’ve got several right now that are vying for my attention. I am now and forever indecisive.


  3. Well – he is rather charming isn’t he? And I do believe I may have just made him more so. Gotta amp Zee up a bit to give him more competition, I’m afraid.


  4. Absolutely, DD. But be aware, he’s very particular about the crust. He doesn’t complain out loud (too much the gentleman), but he secretly takes note of such failings. ๐Ÿ˜‰


  5. I think I’d like to spend a week with Dortmunder and his gang from the Donald Westlake novels – they are smart-ass thieves who never steal from anybody who doesn’t kinda deserve it; although they are only intermittently successful, their methods are always unique and enterprising, and they know all the back entrances and unsung side streets of New York City.


  6. oo, oo, I’m seeing Goran Visnjic for Andrej in the movie version:


    He’s actually Croatian, not Czech, but I’ll bet he could approximate the sexy Eastern European accent.


    1. Oh, I’ve loved him since he was Jimmy Angelov in “Practical Magic” (even though he was entirely evil in that). He wasn’t who I had in mind for Andrej, but he might just do ๐Ÿ˜‰


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