Halloween Decor

Every year, I treat myself to at least one special new decoration for Halloween. Last year, it was a fabulous, HUGE raven (which I don’t think I ever put up photos of, but can later). This year, with my vampire story in high gear, I’ve been looking at all things batty, bat-like, vampiric. Yesterday the object of my desire went on sale, and I bit (so to speak 😉 ) . Just thought I’d share with you the Dracula Bobblehead from Grandin Road:


If you prefer Frankenstein, they also have a Frankenstein Bobblehead. They’re on sale for $15, down from $25 but they’ll hit you $5 for shipping in the continental U.S.  I got it for $12 yesterday when they had 20% off site-wide. Ok, so I’m cheap.

Anyway, he’s 18″ tall, which is pretty big. I just hope he arrives in time for the big day!


9 thoughts on “Halloween Decor

    1. Thanks, Nathan 🙂 The local stores haven’t had anything interesting the last few years in the way of Halloween decorations, so I’ve been forced to look to the web for this stuff. Surprising really, considering Halloween is just about outdoing Christmas now in terms of spend.


      1. Have you noticed that purple is the new Halloween color? I mean, I love me some purple, but I’ve always thought that 10/31 belonged to black & orange, with maybe a touch of bloody red or boogerish monster green. Lately though, a lot of the commercial decorations are playing up dark violet – sort of like “black lite” for people who fear the real deal, or some damn thing. What do you make of this? Will you guys light black candles, or no? That particular accessory disturbs the Catholic girl in me – black clothes, black cats, black nail polish, anything black and batty is great, but black candles give me the creeps.


      2. I use tons of black candles 😉 Love ’em. They are getting harder to find, though. I think they look fabulous in silver or pewter candlesticks or holders. Actually for my Samhain altar I use mostly white.

        Merchandisers probably needed to trot out something new to sell, hence all the purple. I’m not sure what association purple has in their minds with Halloween, though. Black and orange are obvious choices. Purple, not so much. Maybe because purple is so popular with the new age-y crowd (neo-pagans, etc.)? I’m more of a paleo-pagan 😉


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