Música! Música!

I’m always on the lookout for new music to write to. I never know where a new sound will take me, what thoughts it can inspire.

And so with that, I want to give a little shout out to a band I just heard about a week or so ago: Sunseth Midnight from São Paulo, Brazil. (the link is to the Portuguese page, but there’s an icon at the bottom for the English page) They’re a goth metal/glam synth/techno band, kind of hard to pin down their style. They sing in English, with just the tiniest bit of an  accent .

Sunseth Midnight

And at the risk of blowing their hardcore image that the publicity department is apparently striving for in the photos on their site, I have a small story to relate. I was instantly captivated by their music, and unable to locate their CD at Amazon I figured it wasn’t a good sign. I found a generic ‘contact’ e-mail address on their site, so sent them an e-mail asking if they had U.S. distributors for their first CD, “Sun Seth.” I figured it would go to their Web master, get passed along to their record company, and in a week or two someone from the press dept. would get back to me. Well. In less than 24 hours I had a very chatty, friendly e-mail response from Ricardo Campos (the one on the far right with the really long hair and sunglasses in the photo)!  Bless his heart, you could have knocked me over with a feather. So Ricardo says the CD is not available in the U.S., it wasn’t licensed here, however he says “but this problem will be solved on our next release, I promise! ;)” which they’re working on now, and is planned for release in 2010.  What a sweetheart. At least you can hear five tracks on their Web site if you’d like.

I’m thinking I need to work in a new vampire character into my vamp novel. Or maybe learn Portuguese and move to Brazil…

7 thoughts on “Música! Música!

  1. As you know, one of my most delightful students ever was from Brazil. I once complimented him on his facility with so many languages, b/c everyone sez English is so hard to learn, and he modestly told me, “oh no, English is easy because so many languages have adopted English words & phrases. Do you know how we say ‘junk food’ in Brazil?”

    “how?” I asked.

    “Junk food!” came the reply, as you described, with just a little bit of an accent. (It’s such a cute accent, too.)

    If you snoop around E-bay you might be able to find somebody who’ll sell you a copy of the CD.


  2. Oooo, that’s a good thought about eBay. I’ve been trying to go through the links at their site, but they either weren’t working when I tried, or they didn’t seem set up to ship internationally (or, more to the point, take MasterCard or VISA). Maybe I can get Ana to translate for me, tell me what I’m doing wrong.

    You know how I get about authors and artists who get too high and mighty to communicate with fans, so when Ricardo answered my e-mail I was just way impressed. I realize they’re not hugely famous and are probably less likely to cop an attitude, but still you don’t expect to hear from the band members.


  3. I love hearing what people are listening to in other parts of the world, steering clear of American Top 40. Music affects me profoundly. Hans Zimmer’s “Angels and Demons” soundtrack, Godsmack, HIM, and now Sunseth Midnight have all given me scenes, characters, plotlines. The right music conjures the images I need.


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