Out of the Starting Gate

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I’m off to a rollicking start on word count. Thanks in large part to attending a write-in, I clocked in at 3,337 words yesterday! Wow, I’ve never gotten that much in one day before. Even with the chatting and socializing and inhaling a sandwich, the distraction of surfing the net via free WiFi (thanks for walking me through that, Wairoam!) it was fun and exciting listening to all those keys clicking around me. We had a great turnout, although I’m not sure exactly how many people showed up (somewhere around 12+, I think). If you haven’t attended a write-in, I highly recommend it. Now the question is, can I sustain that, or even half that? Must try… must… back to it…

8 thoughts on “Out of the Starting Gate

  1. DD! You rock, and win the war of the words yesterday! I topped out at 2027, if my memory serves.

    But get this, my “training” paid off, b/c this moring I was at the keyboard at 5:30 AM to get another 200 words in b4 I had to get ready for work. Although it is said the power of the universe is at its strongest in the hours before dawn… so i’m just harnessing the cosmos to help me out. That, and some coffee.

    Today is a late day at the office so I may not get much in tonight — but i’ve been carrying my trusy composition book with me to work on some characters and catch the random brain droppings on my commute. You inspire me!


  2. You are off to a GREAT start there, Rosie! And getting up early to write is one of the best things you can do. I get up at 5:30 normally anyway, so I kind of cringe at getting up earlier, but I may yet (with my insomnia I’m often awake anyway, I might as well write!).

    Good for you for taking the notebook along. You never know when the muse is going to whisper in your ear πŸ™‚


  3. I was using a little friendly competition to spur myself on πŸ™‚ We didn’t do any word wars between us, but just being around people who were producing thousands of words all around me was inspiring. It’s also been fun just getting out and meeting people, since I tend to be kind of reclusive. It’s great getting to know other writers!


  4. I see you’re not logging your word count at NaNo’s site πŸ˜‰ I’m kind of cautiously optimistic this time, even though I’m off to a good start. It all started out well last year, too, until I crashed and burned after week two. I know too well how the heady first few days can lull one into a false sense of security. Week Two is when the rubber meets the road for me.


  5. Oh. Heh. That’s because I haven’t gone over to the site to log in my word count. I don’t want to get distracted by shiny looking threads. πŸ˜‰

    I probably will update my wordcount this weekend.

    I’m sure you’ll continue to do well. But we’ll give you a push if you need it. πŸ™‚


  6. The chatter on the threads in my region is slowing to a trickle. I think everyone’s busy putting their energy into their novels instead.

    I’m heading over to another write-in on Sunday, and hope (hope, hope, crossing fingers xxx) to repeat last week’s success. If I can keep that up I may actually ‘win’ this year! I’m allowing myself an hour of tv tonight (The Vampire Diaries is on) so I’m going to try to get most of today’s word count at work (shshshshs!)


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