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No Roses for Poe

For the first time in 60 years, the anticipated roses and half-bottle of cognac did not appear at the gravesite of Edgar Allan Poe.

Today, is of course, the 201st anniversary of his birth. For whatever reason, the mysterious visitor, whose identity has never been known, did not appear and the assembled crowd of about 3 dozen called off the vigil around 5:30 a.m.

Despite this, he was clearly not entirely forgotten. Happy birthday, Edgar.


2 thoughts on “No Roses for Poe”

  1. I read about that in the news and was irrationally sad. Evidently, the original man said he would pass on the tradition to his sons. If they can’t do it anymore- hopefully someone else will pick up the torch. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were hundreds of roses and bottles of cognac next year!


  2. The trick is doing it without being revealed 😉

    It would be sad to see the tradition end, although surely with all the Poe fans someone will be willing to see to its continuation.


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