As Promised

One more image from the striking Goth Tarot deck by Winny. I had to show you the Judgement card:

Once again, click the image for the large version so you can see the details. I like how she’s reaching towards you with her hand, with the light issuing from her palm. Is she coming for you, or offering assistance?

I don’t want to run afoul of copyright laws so I won’t be posting anymore, since it is just a Majors deck, but this was too spectacular not to share. With my obsession with vampires, the bats were just the ulimate touch.


4 thoughts on “As Promised

  1. gypsyscarlett says:

    Great picture. And your description of it is right on. Should you fear her as she’s coming towards you or not?

    Of course, you’d love the bats. 🙂

    This, indeed, seems an ideal deck for you!


  2. Digital Dame says:

    Thanks, Tasha! My only regret is that the really gorgeous decks like this don’t reach a wider audience. It’s great from a collector’s standpoint, having these limited edition runs, but it’s a shame more people don’t get to enjoy them.

    I finally learned my lesson after missing out on the Bohemian Gothic Tarot. Now I pounce when I see something I like!

    And yes, the bats were a great surprise 😉


  3. gypsyscarlett says:

    Speaking of decks, I’ve never understood the neverending popularity of Rider-Waite. It seems I’m in the huge miniority, but I find the pictures so dull that I was never inspired to read from it.

    How do you find that one?


  4. Digital Dame says:

    I’m not sure how it got to be so popular, either. Probably it’s largely due to the fact that for a very long time there was really no other choice. It was either a Marseille deck, or the Rider-Waite. Some of the esoteric orders had decks (Oswald Wirth, for one) but those were not available to the public.

    I have only used mine a few times over the last few years for reading. It’s still my ‘mental’ deck though, the images are so ingrained in my memory (when using a deck with pips for minors, I mentally fall back on this deck). Pixie’s artwork is deceptively simple, I believe she illustrated children’s books so that was her style. A lot of people are turned off by it. I used to dislike it more than I do now, but have a greater appreciation for it since learning more about PCS. But yes, the images seem so flat and the colors so muted it’s hard to be inspired by it.

    When I was in Santa Fe I visited the Georgia O’Keefe museum, and was stunned to see some of Pixie’s artwork hanging on the walls there!


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