New Neighbors

First time I’ve seen these guys. I seem to have a small flock of cedar waxwings in my backyard! This is the only one I could get a photo of, not sure if it’s a girl or boy. I think the boys are usually brighter yellow so I’ll call this one a girl. She seemed to like the holly berries.

I thought it was the Evening Grosbeaks coming back, they have a very similar call. But boy, can those guys get LOUD! When you have a tree full of them, it’s almost deafening.

9 thoughts on “New Neighbors

    1. Just lovely! And y’know, if you save these pix till December, any one of them would make a beautiful Yule card – the holly is so bright & vivid, nobody has to know you took the photo closer to the summer solstice than that of the winter.


      1. I hadn’t thought of that, thanks! That’s a good idea. I so often pick cards with birds on them anyway to send for holiday greetings, this would be right in keeping with my unintentional theme.


    1. In all my life, I’ve never seen a hummingbird in NJ, but they sell the feeders in all the stores – I don’t know if I scare them off with my loud voice, or if they have just recently started commuting this way, or if the marketers are scamming clueless Jerseyans…


  1. I think there are some varieties of hummingbirds in most states now. I did a quick search, apparently Rufous and Ruby-Throated hummingbirds both visit NJ.

    Hummingbirds in New Jersey

    I bet if you put out a feeder you’d start seeing them. 🙂 They can be fearless. If you go stand outside near the feeder in a red shirt, they will fly right up to you, practically look you in the eye and try to figure out if you’re a food source. It’s pretty funny.


  2. Fancy that! I was resisting getting a hummingbird feeder in the Catskills b/c they also attract bears with a sweet tooth, but that’s (slightly) less of an issue in NJ, so maybe I’ll hang one up and see what happens.


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