Happy Anniversary to me!

Today is the two-year anniversary of this blog! And just yesterday I surpassed 20,000 blog hits. A small number to some, some blogs get more than that in a day I know, but for my little blog it’s a milestone so I wanted to celebrate it.

Champagne glassesThis is my 197th post, didn’t quite make 200 which would have given it all a nice symmetry, but what the heck. A little bubbly, anyone?

I get a little scattered at times, trying to keep up with three blogs (the fourth, sadly, is languishing, neglected, but I still plan to get back to that) but it has really realigned my priorities.

So thank you to my friends and those of you just passing through who stopped to read something. I can’t begin to tell you how much I have enjoyed blogging, and connecting with others via this medium. My world has been broadened and enriched. My writing has finally taken center stage in my life, and it feels like everything that was bottled up for so long has finally found an outlet. So here’s to many more lovely years of blogging and writing, meeting new friends, and keeping up with old friends. Cheers!


21 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary to me!”

  1. Happy Bloggiversary, Didge! This is one of the first sites I check when I log on each day, and you never disappoint. Rock on, my friend 🙂


  2. Happy Bloggiversary!! (great word, btw!)

    I can’t remember if I visited your blog first, or if you popped over to mine first, but I do know that you were one of the very first bloggers that I started corresponding with on a regular basis. And I’m very thankful for that. Your blog, and the whole litttle community around here is just great.

    So here’s to many more bloggiversaries! 🙂


  3. Many happy returns to DD ~ I echo MJBlog in that I rush to see the newest post (and all the comments from the Greek chorus, too!)

    Here’s to many more words and worlds to come!


  4. Thanks, Chazz! Well of course we obsess over stats, they like for us to. 🙂

    What does the future hold? That sounds like a question for my Tarot cards! Maybe I should pull a few and post the spread, if you guys aren’t totally sick of all the Tarot talk. 😉


    1. I absolutely think you should throw a tarot spread for the Filling Spaces blog, if such a thing is possible.


      1. I don’t know how to “Stumble”, never bothered with that, or Digg or any of those. I’ve read one way to get a lot of hits on a blog is to put up a controversial kind of post, but while those can result in lots of hits, you’re unlikely to pick up regular readers. I’d say you’re off to a good start anyway, with 5000 hits in your first six months. That’s better than my little blog did in those first few months, I know that.


  5. Hiya MJ,

    I don’t see why not 😀 I sure wish my scanner still worked, it’s fun to put up a pic of the cards so you can see them. Maybe I’ll do the reading today and write it up, then tomorrow I can scan the cards in at work and finalize the post.


    1. I totally can’t wait. I’ll be stuck home marking student papers all day tomorrow (not that I’m tempted to go out – we’re in the midst of a brutal heat wave here;) that’ll be a fun respite.


  6. Happy happy (somewhat belated) bloggiversary! (You sound like me, with the 3 or 4 blogs all over the place! Oh, my languishing, abandoned internet babies…)


  7. Thank you! Belated works 😉 I’ve been so focused on this blog recently my others don’t get the attention I wish they did, but whaddya gonna do? We’ll tend our little flocks as best we can. They’re a patient lot, they’ll still be there.


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