To Infinity, and Beyond!

Well, maybe not that long.

Spurred by a comment from Chazz with regard to what the future may hold for this blog, and encouraged by my dear friend, MaryJBlog, I did a short three-card reading on what the future has in store for my little corner of the blogosphere. I broke out the lovely new Shadowscapes Tarot by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law, thinking it was a good time to take it for a spin, and with the lovely images I figured it had to be a bright, positive reading. And it was! I won’t become a millionaire by doing this, but it looks to be a good run for as long as it lasts.

Shadowscapes King of PentaclesFirst card – The King of Pentacles. Kings typically signify someone who has achieved their place in life, settled and matured. They can be either a person, or stand for aspects of someone’s personality. In this case, I’m reading it as aspects of the blog’s personality (actually, mine, I suppose). I think I’ve established who I am, my blogging style. Those of you who read this blog pretty much know what you can expect to find here, I think.

Now, as to this particular King, we see him as both man and tree, and the dragon at his feet, all part of one whole, with deep roots reaching into the heart of the earth. He is well-rooted, stable. The base of it, of course, is my love for writing, and I’ve built a good foundation here. The acorn he holds in his hand is glowing, pulsing, as if it’s ready to sprout, and spread its energy on and out. Maybe I’m going to explode 😉

Shadowscapes Eight of PentaclesSecond card – Eight of Pentacles. Pentacles are all about solidity, being grounded in the day-to-day, dependability. The Eight shows someone (in this case a spider) hard at work at a trade or craft. Isn’t this the prettiest rendition of a spider you’ve ever seen? Our little spider’s web is glowing with dewy stars from her night’s work. She’s a craftsman, learning her trade, working diligently. To achieve further success with the blog I will have to keep working at my trade, my writing, but for the person in the Eight of Pents, it’s a labor of love, a passion. It’s an endless apprenticeship, as writing is. To learn to do something, and do it well, requires putting your heart into it. I think I’ve managed the heart-in-it part. At the risk of giving the Universe the opportunity to play a cosmic joke on me, sometimes I get annoyed while at my day job that I can’t spend as much time as I’d like writing. (Aside to The Cosmos: This does not mean I need to lose my job, ok? Just want to be very clear about that).

Last card – Three of Cups. Well, can you ask for more than that? PAR-TAY! Lots of celebratory happiness. Allow me to quote from the Shadowscapes Tarot book, by Barbara Moore:

The Three of Cups is a call to celebration, dancing and singing. Friendship is its key component, and companionship, relying on others, and developing community and team spirit.

I’m going to have to change the name of the blog to “Filling Spaces & Lounge: We Never Close.” Get those champagne glasses back out!

14 thoughts on “To Infinity, and Beyond!

  1. DD! This is the most divine post ever! The spirit of your blog is inspirational to me, that’s for sure. I never would have ever entertained participating in NaNo w/o it.
    Long may these spaces be filled!


  2. Those *are* fantastic cards – hooray for the future of Filling Spaces (& Lounge)! I know what you mean about being annoyed at the day job and the way it’s suck a time-suck. My first day back after a week off and I was sick of it 1/2 hour in 😀


    1. Oh argh, I know that feeling! I hope you had a great holiday, anyway. Having our other passions is, no doubt, what keeps us sane. It would be a grim life without something beyond the daily grind.


  3. I love the idea of all of us blogsters dancing and singing around our keyboards, somehow making ourselves heard to one another across the miles…
    Now THAT’S entertainment!


  4. Wait a minute? Were you thinking of leaving? I need to read back, but I vote “NO WAY!” I have been offline and/or out of sorts lately but always love checking back here and you have been so encouraging and inspiring. I can only hope that you thought of leaving because the WIP is on its way to success. I should probably quit my blog (officially) but am trying to resuscitate it and do some remodeling. Glad you are still here. I especially love teh way you incorporate the tarot 🙂


  5. Hiya Jan! 🙂

    Oh gosh no, no intention of quitting the blog. I don’t think I could quit blogging at this point anymore than I could quit breathing. No, this was just kind of a “new blog year” reading, for fun. Happily the cards paint a rosy picture for the future of my little blog, so I don’t think I’ll be going anywhere 🙂 And thank you for all the compliments!

    Always good to hear from you. I’m still subscribed to your blog so when you post I’ll see it. Hang in there, stop by when you can.


  6. DD,

    I’m so glad you went ahead and did the tarot spread for your blog. Such a cool post! And I love the eight of pentacles with the spider. I like the symbolism of the spider as a weaver of creativity.


  7. Hi Tasha,

    Thanks! I really need to break this deck out more often, it’s so beautiful. You can’t tell in the scans but the ‘gray’ border around the cards is actually a matte silver, much prettier than it looks here. Those types of inks never scan well.

    I thought the spider was a brilliant interpretation of the 8 of Pents. It’s still in the R-W line of thinking but adds a new dimension.


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