Why Your Publisher Won’t Answer Your E-Mail

As explained by David Frum at The Atlantic.

Very short piece, good for a giggle, go check it out.

5 thoughts on “Why Your Publisher Won’t Answer Your E-Mail

  1. “And we thought teachers got a lot of time off!”

    Ahem, that’s a myth. Most of us get a lot of time to hustle over to our second gig, whether it’s more teaching or something else! 😉
    (gotta run – 12 more papers to grade before tomorrow!)


  2. Heh, I knew I was going to have to answer to you for that comment 😉

    I know you’re turning and burning, it just seems like every year the school year gets shorter, there are more holidays, more ‘in-service’ days, “teacher prep” days, and so on. Since I don’t have kids in school right now I forget what all they used to have off for. I know my boss is constantly taking off to stay home with his kids because their school closes for one reason or another. What teachers do those days I have no idea.


    1. All you did was give me a little soapbox to hop up upon – I’ll address this @ length sometime, but a lot of these poor h.s. and elementary school teachers are bogged down preparing, administering, and answering for the results of those motherfu*king standardized tests. If ever there was a worthless, time-consuming technique for “teaching” kids that there is only one right answer, it’s those fill-in-the-blank multiple choice atrocities pretending to be learning tools. All my life I’ve been good at taking those tests, but my education didn’t really begin until I forgot about ’em and moved on.


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