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Weird Vibes, and a rant

I’ve been in a really strange mood all day. I think it started yesterday actually, in the two-hour staff meeting. Yep, two glorious hours locked in a room with seven managers, all of whom were wearing khaki-colored pants (one was even corduroy). Then, this morning when I pulled into the parking lot and parked in the space in front of another car I noticed the driver in the car in front of me was sitting there flossing her teeth in her rearview mirror. She’s kind a strange older lady: hair that is bleached too blond, too much black eyeliner. I think she’s going to show up in one of my novels.

I’ve been getting a couple of recent hires settled in, getting them set up with computers, phones, etc., so there’s been a steady stream of neediness from their manager who can never seem to understand THINGS TAKE TIME. Whatever.

Today it’s been non-stop neediness from my boss, who used to profess himself “self-sufficient” and liked to point out how he preferred to manage his own calendar, rather than let me do it. That all came to a screeching halt when I was forced to move down here to the other end of the building so he could keep his hold on his private conference room. Now everytime he needs a meeting set up I do it. This started today before I even had a chance to turn on my monitor when I arrived, just before 8:00 a.m. Good morning to you, too. And all the talk-talk-talk-talk-talk from him, and everyone around me. Seriously, people, STFU. Why is it people feel entitled to wander the aisles between the cubes, chattering away on their Bluetooth headsets? Go sit down in your cube and talk. OR go outside. Or get a conference room. Oh yeah, the birthday party in the common area the other day was a corker, I’m sure we all wanted to listen to that. Right outside my cube is an ‘open’ area where some damn fool put a table, and that got used to hold the birthday cake, where the rest of the birthday boy’s department gathered around to sing “Happy Birthday.”

I hate cube life.


13 thoughts on “Weird Vibes, and a rant”

  1. You should rent “Office Space” so you’ll feel less alone. Also have a stiff drink. (Dental Floss Lady is a great little detail)


  2. ha, I saw Office Space in the theater when it first came out. It’s too gruesome to watch again. This whole soul-sucking existence is getting me down more than usual, I’m nearly isolated from the rest of my department (meaning the people I actually like) down here with the boss who continues to “tax” people with assignments, irregardless. And the nebbish. And then all these strange other people. I didn’t even get into the God-bot two cubes away. She’s practically a post unto herself.


  3. Can you bear to make this your next novel? B/C these characters are far more haunting than any gothic monstrosity.


  4. I do paint rather a grim picture of my workplace, don’t I? Oh the God-bot, how I wish I could get a photo of the back of her head so you could see the hair. It’s like she never left 1985.

    This is the closest I could find online, but this gal is closer to our age than this kid in the picture.


  5. DD,

    So sorry to hear that work is getting you down. I’ll cross my fingers that you are able to find something that suits you better. But in the meantime, at least you can still find the humor in it all.


  6. Thanks, Tasha 🙂 I’m trying, some days are worse than others. I really shouldn’t complain, I know that. It’s not a bad job, I was just so spoiled where I was before having such good people around. But, like I keep saying: as long as they keep cutting me a check, I’ll keep showing up 😉


  7. The fact that you made this point: “all of whom were wearing khaki-colored pants” – makes me love you a little bit 😀 It says so much in so few words. I’m pretty sure cube life was worse than customer service ::shudder::


  8. Haha! 🙂 It’s really good when they all show up in the same color shirt, too.

    I definitely think customer service is way worse. I’ve done reception work, and just answering phones was nearly enough to make me homicidal. Life in Cubeville is annoying, but no one is screaming at me for something that’s not my fault.


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