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Ah, me and my music. You know how I love music for inspiration, and although I’m generally more of a metal-head, I’ve been geeking out on a new band from Norway called John Snow. I just love this acoustic version of their song “Far Wild Isle.” Petter has a great, clear voice, not all singers can carry off an acoustic session this well.

I almost think I like the acoustic version better than the studio version of the song. These guys are really new, so far all they’ve released is an EP available here, (don’t be put off by the Norwegian. I can translate it for you if you need, or I’m sure they’ll be happy to help. 8KR = roughly $1.34) and they’re not even signed to a label yet. I first heard them over the weekend on the local alternative rock radio station on a program called “Passport Approved” which showcases bands from around the world. So naturally I looked them up IMMEDIATELY on Facebook, found their page and have been having fun joining in the conversations with them.

The band comprises Petter Tørdal (lead Vocals), Ole Henrik Dyrseth (Guitars), Vetle Gundersen (Guitars), Martin Marker (Bass), Christer Gundersen (Drums) and Bjørnar Christiansen (Keys/Synth). They’re from Skien, in the Telemark region of Norway.


“We wanted to make an important debut EP, Petter Tørdal emphasizes. “You get the sense that maybe something really big is going to happen soon, that maybe the way we enjoy things isn’t always going to be that way We had that in mind as we wrote songs like Good Enough and Supersonic; we want to write songs that are up to date, no matter how things are going.”

Hopefully when they start touring they can fit Portland, OR into the schedule (hint-hint, guys!) I guess I’m finally going to have to download iTunes and get on board that train. Definitely a band to watch in the next few years.

You can read thisInterview with John Snow in which they give some indication of how they came up with the band’s name.

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