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Bohemian Gothic in the House!

It’s here! My beloved Bohemian Gothic, second edition, all pewtery-gilt-edged and everything!

My son happened to be home working on installing a new water pump in his car, but was in the backyard, when the mail came yesterday. However, old eagle-ears heard someone in the driveway making noise, clanking tools and such which he had left strewn all over while in the process of his mechanic work. So he did the first thing that came to mind – grabbed a machete and headed for the front of the house, expecting to find someone helping themselves to his tools. Imagine our poor letter-carrier’s surprise to see a crazed, machete-weilding lad come flying up from the back of the house. She was afraid a vicious attack dog was on its way, but my son assured her there is no dog, only him.  What can I say? It’s a tough neighborhood. Luckily the misunderstanding didn’t last long, and the goods were signed for in due course and I was able to arrive home to enjoy my new decks (I got two, ‘cause, yanno, just in case…) rather than have to get him a lawyer for manslaughter. :::sigh:::

So I bored him nearly to tears oohing and aaaahhhing over the cards, making him listen as I carefully explained the importance of the occasion, and how he was now observing the only legacy I was likely to leave him when I croak. He was dutifully appreciative, admiring the beauty of the cards and the momentousness of the moment. His other option would have been to ignore me and risk being cut out of the will (should I ever get around to actually making out a will).

My precioussssss… Naturally I had to take it for a spin after spending the first hour of its life in its new home being petted and ogled. I decided a nice three-card draw was good for a ‘get-acquainted’ session, and here are the lovely, lovey cards I drew:


Queen of Cups Knight of Cups  Six of Cups

Can’t you feel the love? Queen of Cups, the embodiment of love and emotion, water of water, all wrapped up in loving and being loved. My deck and I really love eachother.

Knight of Cups – fire of water. Ahh, more love. Lots of charisma and charm, passion. He’ll make things happen, but on a bad day will leave and let someone else do the heavy lifting.

Six of Cups – childlike bliss. Oh boy is that me right now. You should have been me walking around in my driveway, pestering my son while he was trying to finish the water pump: “Here, look at this one! Look at this, see isn’t this cool? Wait, look at this one!”

All the cards are online at Bohemian Gothic. I think the gilt-edged ones may be sold out, but the standard edition is available. The new style of box they’re in is perfection, with a hinged lid and solid enough to stand up to being hauled around creation with me.

Was there ever such a lovely day?

I won’t be abandoning my luscious vampire decks, indeed they have a new cousin as many of the characters in this new BoGo deck are now more overtly vampiric themselves.

This is also my first post using Windows Live Writer, so I’m eager to see it live and check out how well it worked. Inserting pictures is eminently simpler in this program. How come nobody ever told me about this before? If you haven’t heard of it either, e-mail me and I’ll try to fill you in, or you can go to Windows Live Writer Overview to check it out.


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11 thoughts on “Bohemian Gothic in the House!

  1. OK, the cards are just lovely, but I’ve gotta know: what kind of landscaping do you guys do, that the young squire had a machete handy, rather than a tire iron? Are there banana trees in your back yard that we haven’t heard about? 😉


  2. Heh, no banana trees, just the eternal, immortal, invasive blackberries. I swear at the end of the world there will still be cockroaches and blackberries. They’re taking over my backyard. Before I know it, they’ll be in the house, rearranging the furniture and drinking all my booze.


  3. It could be worse – this summer my yard has been taken over by mosquitoes – I can’t step outside for 2 minutes to take out the trash or hand clothes on the line without getting eaten alive. At least you might find the blackberries edible, instead of the other way around.

    I think maybe the “love cards” also reflected the fact that your boy was on the premises, ready to protect his mom by any means necessary…


  4. “At least you might find the blackberries edible, instead of the other way around.”

    Don’t be too sure about that 😉 You’ve never seen the mountains of bushes that require a chainsaw to get through.


  5. Aren’t they gorgeous? I asked Karen Mahony if she was considering doing prints but she didn’t sound too keen on the idea. She would want to print them there at their own studio and they’ve got so much going on right now taking on another project like that is not really feasible. I’m going to use this deck next month for my daily card draws (under the Tarot tab at the top), so I’ll be posting more (albeit, very small) scans of more of the cards. But you can see the rest on their Web site anyway. The Six of Swords is particularly pretty, kind of Maxfield Parrish-esque. The Strength card is the one that went “PING!” for me, I want to get a tattoo of that one 🙂


  6. Wow! There is something captivating about this deck that draws me in and won’t let me go. And to think I spent my youth and some of my adult years collecting sports cards of overpaid athletes, when I should have been collecting tarot decks. 😀


  7. Hee, and I’ve only been seriously collecting for a couple of years now. I had about 50 or so up until about 2 years ago and then I went for broke (almost literally) and started buying anything I could get my hands on. Admittedly, there are a few that just don’t appeal to me and I will never bother about getting, and some that I have I could have skipped, but I like having them anyway. This deck is extraordinary, I’ve gotten several of Baba Studio creations, and they never disappoint. I’ve already pre-ordered another one from them, the second edition of the Victorian Romantic in English. I got the Russian version, but I don’t know what a lot of the cards are! 🙂


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