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Caving In

After all my rants about not having time for more social networking, not only am I on Facebook, I signed up for Twitter today. So far I’m following two people, Kristofer Dommin of the band Dommin who you may recall I saw in concert back in April. The other is our friend Jenna Reynolds, who doesn’t appear to tweet very often. And I have a follower, probably someone who pings every person immediately after they sign up (he/she had ‘followed’ me within ten minutes of signing up…) but we’ll see how it goes. For now I have no idea what to do with the thing. If you want to follow what will undoubtedly be very limited tweets, follow me at @DDSyrdal. At least when I think of something to actually tweet, that is.


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7 thoughts on “Caving In

  1. I’ve been on Facebook for about a year and a half and have found it to be useful, although it can be an easy way to kill too much time if you’re not careful. If you’re interested, here is my page:
    I’ve been on Twitter for a few months and I still don’t get the attraction. It’s about 90% (or more) babble. I try to make all of my Tweets have SOME sort of meaning, but so many people just seem to say whatever crosses their mind at the moment, which makes Twitter a large haystack of babble in which there are only a few good needles of insight.
    But if you want to follow my Tweets:
    Actually, there is one fun thing about Twitter. Check out the daily #amtarot and #pmtarot posts.


  2. Thanks, James. That’s pretty much what I feared about Twitter. It seems kind of redundant if you’re on Facebook anyway, since most people seem to ‘tweet’ out their FB posts. I do find value in FB. At least on FB you can have a conversation with someone (or several someones). Connecting with distant family in other countries has been probably the best part. I’ll check out the tarot stuff on Twitter, though, thanks!


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