Cherie M. Priest at Beaverton Powells tonight

She just tweeted she’s on a prop plane, coming down from Seattle. I’ve never been on one myself, but when I set up travel for the guys in the office here, they often catch the hop up to Sea-Tac, and on to Asia.

If you’re a fan of Cherie M. Priest, and would like a signed copy of  her latest book, let me know. I can take PayPal, so e-mail me to arrange to get the money to me and I can head over and get you a copy of her latest, Dreadnought. The reviews are good.

4 thoughts on “Cherie M. Priest at Beaverton Powells tonight

  1. I haven’t, I actually haven’t read any of her books yet, but the new one sounds interesting. I haven’t really gotten into the whole steampunk genre yet, thought this might be a good intro to it.


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