Pictures from the road

Not much going on, but wanted to share some views from my morning commute, which can be quite stunning. I tried to get some shots of the ribbons of fog that linger in the fields, but from a moving car it’s tricky. Basically I hold the camera up in the general direction and hit the button, and hope for the best.

fog ribbons River Rd

Funny how this road looks longer from this angle. I ride my bike out here, which as you can see can get a little dicey if you have some impatient carhead behind you.

Mt Hood and fog

That little peak in the back there is Mt. Hood.

farm silo

I have no idea what this structure is, it’s part of someone’s farm and house. It can’t be a silo, there are windows all the way up. Weird. Just one of the farms I pass on the way. They have a store and fresh berries during the summer season, although I’ve never stopped in there.


I love this house, reminds me a bit of the old farmhouse I grew up in in Massachusetts. I need to get a better photo of it. I was hardly moving at this point, creeping up to a strange intersection that is usually backed up. It’s been for sale but I don’t think it sold. It looks deserted, but I’m pretty sure someone still lives there. The bushes right along the front there are red roses, very pretty when blooming. It probably dates to the late 1800s, there’s another house across the road with a sign “Rosemound Farm, c. 1860”.


16 thoughts on “Pictures from the road”

  1. I like your photos. In each photo we are watching the sun coming out with you. Have you notice:) Your good to get a fog photo no matter the amount. I tried this so many time and got nothing. At least you got a section of it. Great job!


  2. Thanks! There were others I tried to get and didn’t, and will have to try again. If I have no one behind me on the road I can slow down or stop for a second to shoot a couple, but most days I have someone close behind so it’s not an option. There are so many old structures, houses, barns and the like that would be wonderful shots, but I’ll have to try to get them when I can pull over and stop, and use a tripod.


  3. You know my psychic senses are pretty much dense as a block of concrete, but I must tell you that I just had a premonition of you living happily in that farmhouse w/the roses out front.


  4. Heh, you know I thought about checking out the asking price when it was on the market, but a house like that is going to require far more maintenance than I can afford. :::sigh:::


  5. The house is amazing, but the location is the pits. It’s on a heavily traveled road, high speed (55 MPH) just past a fairly dangerous intersection. If it’s part of the farm, I would probably have to buy the whole kit ‘n’ kaboodle, and I’m not really looking to get into running a farm anyway 😉


    1. I wish I had somebody to run a farm for me. I love goats & fresh eggs & vegetable and such, but I don’t fancy getting up while it’s still dark out to shovel poop. I think, really, I’d like to live across the road from, or on the lot adjacent to the farm.


  6. I’m with you. Even though I’ve always been a morning person (meaning I rarely sleep past 6AM on weekends), getting out of bed is another thing entirely. And at 3AM to milk cows or goats, or do any of that is not all that appealing. I have a co-worker who keeps chickens and brings in the fresh eggs to sell at work. He also had goats, but for meat, not cheese. And no, I never tried it 😉


  7. Goats are so cute – if I had a huge yard I’d love to have a little pygmy goat or 2 for a pet. The cheese is not much different than any other fresh cheese. Fresh-off-the-farm eggs, now, are a revelation – that’s just entirely different experience than eggs from the dairy section at the Shop-Rite (although I like those, too.)


  8. Up in the first picture, a little further down the road on the right hand side there’s a house that has pygmy goats, and geese, and not sure what all else roaming in the yard (all fenced in, of course).


  9. No! I never would have guessed 😉 It’s fabulous, isn’t it? All those wonderful shapes, I can only imagine what the inside looks like.

    I’m convinced I’m going to have to make the drive on a Saturday or Sunday morning, so there’s no traffic around and I can stop and take pics of all the things I miss whizzing by during commute hour. I still want to get some pics of the marsh/swamp all foggy that I mentioned a couple years ago. No chance during commute, the road is narrow, twisty, bumpy and heavily traveled. I don’t dare try it in a moving vehicle.


  10. That house is really lovely. Sorry I haven’t been visiting lately. Work is insane(!) and I’ve been writing like crazy in between.


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