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More Morning Commute Photography

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More photos from the drive in this morning. Much better shot of The House, Mt. Hood, and sunrise. I accidentally deleted one I wanted ๐Ÿ˜ฆ . The maple tree I pass on my lunchtime walk with a co-worker. The red leaves looked so pretty against the blue sky. See, it doesnโ€™t always rain here. You can click each to bring up a larger version.


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13 thoughts on “More Morning Commute Photography

  1. Heh, that would be tricky ๐Ÿ˜‰ I hope the residents don’t notice me snapping photos, they’ll think I’m some weirdo spying on them! But it is for sale, so hopefully they’ll just pass me off as someone potentially interested in buying it (hate to disappoint them, though…) I thought you’d like it, very atmospheric. I’m sure it will provide inspiration to both of us. The way the sky is overexposed kind of adds to the other-worldly feel of it, I think. That was a seriously lucky shot, I wasn’t even looking when I pressed the shutter button!

    We have so many gorgeous sunrises around here, I can’t begin to count how many I wish I could have gotten photos of. Cloud formations that never seem to repeat, it just kills me that I didn’t have a camera at the ready.


  2. Digital these photo are from Oregon? I notice you wrote Mt. Hood. My hubby and I lived in Portland Oregon for 3 years on the NW side and Pearl District. You are so blessed to live in Oregon (if you live in Oregon:). I so miss it there. The weather is perfect. I take rain anytime over snow!
    P.S. These pictures above are absolutely beautiful!


  3. Hiya Startingover!

    Yes, I live on the west side of Portland ๐Ÿ™‚ How fun that you know the area! Love the Pearl, and Portland is such a fun, funky town. Any chance you guys might move back? I’m hoping to get a nice shot of Hood when it’s got a good covering of snow, which should be soon. Did you guys get to Powells while you were here? The weather has been fantastic so far this fall, we’re still having sunny warm days in the 60s.

    Glad you’re enjoying the photos ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. The world is really small, doesn’t matter where you go. Especially with the internet:) We have never been to Powell, perhap through it. We went to the skinny water fall which I think is Mt. Hood…not for sure been a while. Maganeara Fall is coming to me for the name. We drove to Settle, Washington to get the prairie for Vancouver B.C. I have been to Renton for a week advance hair class for hairstylist and a few other places. I think all of Oregon is absolutely beautiful! Yeah I kind of figure you having good weather:) The weather to me is always good even whens it rain. I always tell people Oregon only has a few days of winter. It snow then melt back up. The longest winter was 2 years ago. When almost everyone was suck their their house for one or 2 weeks! No Safeway and I forgot the other one would not deliver. Heck I would not either. Taxi cabs would not come out. When the weather let up everyone were at the store fighting and grabbing food like on tv. I thought how cool. I thought this was only in the movies, lol. But I love Oregon. Hubby will visit there from time to time for work. I hope I get to go back and visit as well. I am so missing tax free:) I love their public transportation system. Many cities in the US can learn alot from Portland transportation system. They run on time. You have the bus and train. You don’t wait long.
      I can go on and on!


  4. Ah, probably Multnomah Falls is the one you’re thinking of, out in the Columbia River Gorge. It’s beautiful. Yes, that snowstorm a couple years ago was the pits, they’re just not prepared to deal with snow here! I was snowed into my house for a week because as you know they don’t plow anything except the main highways. Ugh! Powells is the big bookstore downtown, takes up a whole city block. They’re online, ๐Ÿ™‚ I love them, spend way too much time and money there.


    1. Ah, Powell book store. I thought you meant Powell Oregon, lol. Have not been away that long and I forgot about it. Yes I know it well. It has new and use books. It is so crowed there on the weekend though. You can sit down read a book, write on your laptop, and drink a coffee. I been in there a few times. Hubby even bought a very old antique engineering book from there with gold border. Like how the bible use to have gold borders on the outskirts of the pages. Great place that you can find almost anything. They have I think two though. One that is at the corner I think on Burnside and the science and technology. Now you got me thinking about once a month in the Pearl where everything is open later than normal the first (forgot what day) of every month. The little stores and Ben and Jerry ice cream.


  5. Ah yes, First Thursdays! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Powells has the Burnside location, as well as the technical books on 10th, the Hawthorne store, and the Beaverton location at Cedar Hills Crossing. There’s no such thing as a quick trip to Powells LOL You can always find some wonderful treasure there.


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