Picture, if you will…


Yeee… err….uh….

Yeah. What the hell? you say. As did we all. BUT… this terrifying, inexplicable image just netted me a free book! And that’s always a good thing. Here’s how:

Twitter convert that I am (I’m still eating crow over that), I discovered a Web site dedicated to fantasy literature, conveniently called Fantasy Literature. And, they were running a giveaway. All you had to do was come up with a name for this book cover, affectionately referred to as the Psycho Floating Baby Head cover.  This was too much fun to pass up, even though I never win anything. So I took a stab at it.

My first suggestion was “The Talking Heads: Before They Were Rockstars.” Then I had an epiphany (or as close to one as I’m likely to have) and went back for a second shot because it just seemed too fun to only field one response (really, we could sit and brainstorm this one ALL DAY!).

“Whatever Happened to Baby Jane: The Final Chapter.”

And it won! 🙂 I couldn’t be more tickled. I got to choose a book from their stacks, and chose “The Stranger” by Max Frei, mostly because it was originally published in Russia (how much Russian fantasy have you even heard of?) and had some pretty darn good reviews. I am so intrigued.

I thought about going for one of the vampire stories, but I’m boycotting any book with a hot tattooed chick in dominatrix attire on the front cover, and that pretty much sums them up. This is the new cheesey, I think. Mills & Boon would be proud.

SO… I guess I have to quit saying I never win anything! Go check out Fantasy Literature, if you like fantasy. If you’re on Twitter, follow them @FanLit. I thought I’d give them a little shout-out since they were kind enough to send me free book.

17 thoughts on “Picture, if you will…

  1. Let me be the first to congratulate you on this major award! As my brother Fish sez, “cheap is good, but free is better …”


  2. yes-yes, free is a very good price 😉 I was so amazed, because seriously I never win anything. Even scratch-off tickets. Nada. Ever. I’m hoping this heralds a new dawn in my luck allotment.


    1. I win odd things of little value: a used but very serviceable Radio Flyer wagon (won it in a 50-cent raffle @ the Farmer’s Market,) a teddy bear wearing overalls (I got that singing a song in a radio contest; the station was so cheap I had to go pick it up myself b/c they had no budget for postage,) a set of chopsticks at a bridal shower (I won the Purse Scavenger Hunt, which was sorta like Let’s Make a Deal – somebody would shout out a letter of the alphabet, and the first person to find something in her purse that started w/that letter won,) a REALLY UGLY t-shirt from the same radio station (they were broadcasting from the restaurant where my friends & I were eating lunch, and I was able to identify more old TV theme songs, faster, than anybody else in the joint,) a little coffeemaker that brewed directly into your commuter mug (that was a good prize, actually, from a much better radio station – it came with a coupon for a free pound of Chock Full o’Nutz coffee,) and my all-time Big Get, $200 in an Oscar pool, the year Halle Berry won for Best Actress.


    1. I bought a ticket today – if I win the $140 million, you guys are all invited to an all-expense paid writers’ retreat at my new house on Block Island.


  3. i love to see folks (and myself) win lots of little prizes…. you feel like you aren’t tempting fate/using up too much good karma, and as MJB points out, skill does count for something. The last thing i won was a ricky retro t-shirt from the newspaper for answering the weekly 80’s trivia questions correctly (and being picked at random from all the week’s correct entries: which i think they just say so it seems like a competition.) Congrats to you, DD!


  4. Thanks, Rosie 🙂 Mostly I just posted this to give the Fantasy Literature site a little plug in appreciation. Sounds like you’ve had some luck with winning, too.

    I’ve often said some people are born under lucky stars, whereas I seem to have been born under a vast, sucking black hole. Who knows, maybe I just cleared the event horizon 😉


  5. I don’t think I’m destined to win anything big or valuable (although I occasionally buy a MegaMillions ticket when the prize exceeds $100 million – it’s a dollar’s worth of entertainment to daydream for a few days re: what I’d do with all that cash.) I figure I’ve blown my cosmic wad with half a century’s worth of pretty good health, and a nice family – these little prizes and giveaways are fate’s way of reminding me that all the rest is trivia…


  6. That is very true. Nothing can take the place of good health and our loved ones. Of course, when the evil sons were teenagers I might have had a different answer 😉


  7. i venture to say that living with ANYBODY is a test of sanity from time to time, but yes, i’d rather have a little craziness in my life than stumble along without those folks. and i count the virtual family of filling spaces among my good firtunes… you’all are the best of all worlds… smart, literate, good-looking and not the least intrusive…. LOL. 🙂


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