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Except the Nebbish just arrived (at 10:50 am PDT). Why he comes in at all is beyond me. All he does is sit at his desk and make phone calls, which he could no doubt do from home, since that’s where he does many of them anyway. He rarely has meetings here, his boss is in the UK. He talks so loud when he’s on the phone I have to put on my headphones and crank up some Disturbed to drown him out. I have discovered I am not alone in my distaste for the little dweeb, which is some comfort. At least I know I’m not JUST being bitchy.

Another office personality who I think bears mention because she will likely end up in one of my novels some day is the Giggler. This is a forty-something woman with the voice of a five-year-old, who ends every sentence with a giggle. I can’t tell if she’s flirting with the people she’s talking to, I’ll have to pay more attention to whether or not she does this only when speaking with men, women, or both. Yes, I’m having one of those days. Luckily, it’s Friday, and tomorrow is November 6, Carl Sagan Day. I intend to celebrate his life by drinking Cosmos!

Oh, and the khaki count at this week’s staff was 4 out of 6. One was in blue dockers, so I should probably include him anyway since they’re basically the same style.

Despite not participating in NaNoWriMo, I’ve hardly gotten anything done on revising the vampire novel this week. Last night when I got home I quickly changed into sweats and hustled out to get the ton of leaves in my front yard raked up before the rains resume this weekend. They’re a whole lot easier to rake dry. Only took about an hour, then I wasted time on Twitter, and before I knew it, it was 8:00 and time for The Vampire Diaries. God, Elena (Nina Dobrev) can be annoying, I fail to see why both the vampiric brothers, Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder), are so enamored of her. Sure, she’s cute, but… I nearly stood up and cheered when Rose smacked her unconscious last night. Seriously, would you keep yapping if you were being held hostage by two murderous unknown vampires who have disclosed to you that you’re to be offered up as a human sacrifice so they can be accepted back into the fold? I think not. Liking the new characters they introduced last night, Rose and Elijah. Elijah is going to be a force to be reckoned with, way more interesting than Catherine’s endless plotting and scheming.

And some good news: Harry J. Connolly, author of Child of Fire and Game of Cages, is on his last day of the rat race, and after today is becoming a full-time writer! I’m always delighted for any writer who can make that transition and make a living as a writer. I was so excited when I read the news on Harry’s Twitter feed you’d think it was me going out there. Very happy for you, good luck Harry!

I only hope it WILL be me someday.


Writer of vampire stories and science fiction. First novel, "Revenants Abroad", available now at Amazon. If you like a vampire you can go out drinking with and still respect yourself in the morning, I think you'd like Andrej.

5 thoughts on “TGIF

  1. Wow, hank goodness for TGIF is right. It sounded like you had a long week or day and really need that Cosmo. Heck mines was okay and I take a Cosmo with ya!
    I notice many people are doing that Nano writing thing. Wishing you a wonderful weekend!


  2. Ugh. I had a similarly “trying” day. Honestly surprised I made it to 7:30pm without drawing blood/throttling someone! I hope you keep a khaki count on your desk calendar 😉 I read the Vamp Diaries yonks ago and I should re-read them, just to see how far the show diverges. So right about Elena (and Catherine for that matter). All I can blame it on is imprinting. You know how the person you fall in love with at +/- 17 is perfect and will always be so? Apparently, becoming one of the undead doesn’t cure you of this delusion!


  3. Eh, sorry to hear it. We should check our horoscopes, maybe there’s a cosmic influence at work here.

    I understand they toned down Elena’s perkiness from the books (she’s BLONDE in the books, I believe, the absolute epitome of the popular cheerleadery type. Gag me), so making her less perky and brunette helps some, I guess. But OH.MY.GAWD if that other vampire hadn’t backhanded her and shut her up I would have. And seriously, could you hold a candle for someone for 145 years? PUH-LEEZE. Talk about arrested development. Damon is not the type to obsess over anyone for more than 5 minutes, even if Stefan might.


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