Good Morning, Moon


moon and geese

Frakking cold out there this morning. Luckily, I remembered to disconnect the garden hose last night, or things might have been ugly today. We seem to have had a dusting of snow overnight or maybe it’s just really heavy frost, although most of it didn’t last on the ground. The tell-tale flakes are mostly covering the windshields and windows of cars parked out on the street. There does seem to be some on the grass in the backyard, but it’s still too dark to really see it. And the full moon is glowing beautifully. Magic!


14 thoughts on “Good Morning, Moon

  1. maryjblog says:

    And you got u[p before dawn to salute the moon! that’s the sort of thing that is going to tweak your alchemy in a positive direction, IMO


  2. submerina says:

    Gorgeous! The geese are a fantastic touch 🙂 All we’ve had for a week is solid white with intermittent grey, from ground to sky. No sun, no moon, no light except that reflected by all the white and a disorienting lack of shadows.


    • Digital Dame says:

      Thanks! The geese were clearly a stroke of luck, there were more after them but I wasn’t quick enough to get them. Using the timer kind of restricts some creativity, but it’s the only way I can get a good steady shot. I take it you’ve already got snow? We had snow mixed with rain earlier today, but nothing on the ground now. Supposed to get more tomorrow, gotta get some tire chains on order.


  3. Digital Dame says:

    Thanks! We’re supposed to be getting more snow this afternoon, 2″-4″ although probably most of it at higher elevations as well. My boss already told our group to make the call when to take off and hit the road. So many people here live up in the hillier areas and it can get really slippery on those roads. Hoping it won’t turn into the big mess they’re predicting.


  4. Jessica S says:

    Wonderful photos! We’ve had a “dusting of snow,” too, as you so aptly put it, but nothing has accumulated as of yet. That being said, there’s always a nice layer of frost to wipe off the 4-wheeler seat before I check cattle in the morning. I’m going out to Denver this Saturday to get a Dane puppy, so I’m really hoping the snow just keeps being “dust” only.


  5. Digital Dame says:

    Thanks Jessica! They’re predicting snow tonight for us here, but so far no sign of it at my house. Not that I’m complaining, mind you 😉 It’s just going to freeze tonight and turn all the roads into skating rinks. Glad I’m off tomorrow and don’t have to worry about trying to drive in on that. Good luck with the new puppy!


  6. maryjblog says:

    Holy Moley – we’re expecting temperatures in the ’60’s today. It’s a little warm for my taste this time of year, but I guess I’d better be thankful that nobody has to deal w/icy roads, coming to my house on Thursday. I am also grateful, to be honest, that onece I feed the whole clan for Thanksgiving, I can take the rest of the holidays off , so to speak – other relatives are taking on Xmas Eve and Xmas Day.


  7. Digital Dame says:

    Wow, 60s?! That is weirdly warm for that area. Nice that you get to share the holiday duties with others, I’m sort of on my own out here. I don’t have to do everything I do, I could make it easier on myself, but I don’t do much in the way of big dinners the rest of the year so a couple big feasts isn’t that much to do, really. And it’s important to me, so I do it as much for myself as for the kids.


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