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Halleluja for Flash Mobs!

How cool is this? I love “Messiah”, Handel is the master. Seriously, it brought tears to my eyes. I was sitting in my cube, surreptitiously dabbing my eyes, hoping no one would see. The acoustics in this place are astoundingly good. I don’t know anything more about where this was, or who the singers were (an opera company, perhaps?) but wow, what a sound. Maybe this isn’t technically a flash mob, more like a random act of culture.


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10 thoughts on “Halleluja for Flash Mobs!

  1. Is it really? I hadn’t seen it until today, someone mentioned it on Twitter.

    That’s funny, the link you have there! Best reason yet to NOT go to the grocery store looking your worst. You never know when you might end up being filmed and on YouTube! πŸ™‚


    1. Lol, you are so right….I have to break out the lotion, lip balm, and the eye shadow when I leave the house, lol.
      The video you posted is really good…keep your eyes open you will see it more and more until Christmas:)


  2. Thank you for posting that DD… if it weren’t for Filling Spaces I’d never know what was hot on youtube. that was delightful and shows that flashmobs are not just for the young. spontaneity knows no age.

    for the next 3 weeks my office building has live christmas music in the lobby during the lunch hour. what a nice thing to remind us to slow down a bit and take a moment to enjoy the season.


  3. Hehe, well, I’m not sure knowing what’s hot on YT is all that important πŸ˜‰ I just found this performance so amazing. A cappella singing when it’s done well, as this was, is just sublime. What a treat for their audience.

    That’s nice that your employer is getting into the holiday spirit like that! Is there a choir, or a pianist, or something else?


    1. my employer is not quite scrooge, and the building has an eclectic tenant mix. my guess is that since the office is in a prime NYC real estate zone the building management likes to keep it tourist friendly. from the looks of the program we’ve got some Julliard student artists coming in the next 2 weeks. Friday was a jaunty trio — bass, flute and piano. it does put a smile on my face as i run out to grab a sandwich or coffee. truth be told, this is probably the best time to see NYC…. it’s not too cold yet, but the cold air dampens the funky smells and everything is all gussied up for Christmas. After we get some snow it’s just plain grey and nasty….


      1. That sounds lovely, there’s nothing like live music. It’s true, there’s no place like NYC at Christmas. I need to see if I can find any Web sites that feature some of the window displays. There was a dandy one a couple years back that showed some of the best, they were phenomenal.


  4. I wasn’t at work, so I snivelled unselfconsciously. Even more beautiful that the music, is the reaction it has on the people watching. That’s what got me leaking! It must be somewhere here – recognised the food court options and the lottery machine is in English and French πŸ™‚


  5. You’re more observant than I am. Those food courts are so generic I didn’t even bother to try to place it. Interesting that whoever filmed it didn’t identify where it was.

    Music affects me profoundly, the sheer beauty of their voices (I’m guessing they were all mic’d from the sound quality) and the music itself just overwhelmed me when I watched it. Normally by now I’m trotting out all my Xmas music CDs, but this year I haven’t been able to bring myself to listen to any of it. This is the only Christmas-y music I’ve listened to.


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