Four Days of the Best Christmas Music

Once again, (KQAC) here in Portland is giving us four full days of the most glorious Christmas music, starting tomorrow, December 22. Last year I kept the radios on in the living room and my bedroom 24/7, I couldn’t turn it off! I’ve had it with the standard pop ditties that are what pass for Christmas music for most people. I’m sure the people in the department that occupy the cubes across the aisle from me think I’m Satan after I asked one woman if she could turn down her dancing Christmas tree decoration that plays Brenda Lee singing ‘Rocking Around the Christmas Tree’. I put up with it last year, I can’t take it anymore. (Word got back to me that I’ve been roundly trashed for it. Whatever. Haven’t heard it once since then. I win.)

So anyway, check out their lineup of Christmas music programming at Tonight it’s an Elizabethan Christmas celebration. So refreshing!

(graphic courtesy of From Old Books)