New Year, New Start

Ok, here we go with the obligatory New Year’s post. Sort of.

So I’ve been on vacation since (checking calendar…) December 22, and can’t honestly say I’m looking forward to going back to work tomorrow. :::sigh::: I could stand about two more months off, I think. Or even forever. But whaddaya gonna do? Bills to pay and all that. I had such great plans for my off-time, even knowing much of it would be taken up with holiday cooking and cleaning and the madness that accompanies the holiday season. I was going to write like nuts, finish a crochet project, and I don’t know what all else. But really, subtracting the days lost to the Christmas crazies, a week off isn’t much time. The crochet project is nearly done so that’s something. I did start a new short story but as usual the premise I had in mind when I started it is sort of fizzling and I’m now ranging around for a better idea of where to take it. But it’s something.

And of course the cosmos is having another laugh at my expense. A few days ago it was discovered that the roof in the shop building in the backyard is leaking, and the interior ceiling has caved in. Lots of soggy insulation hanging down. From the outside all looks well. I was hoping for a big hole where a meteor might have smashed through and therefore could call my homeowner’s insurance (actually, I bet they’d deny the claim. I’m probably not covered for meteor collisions). But no, it’s your run-of-the-mill leak on an old roof that needs to be replaced. Now I’m all kinds of nervous about the roof on the main house, which is the same age. Luckily, there are no water spots on the ceiling so I don’t think disaster is imminent. Still plans are now in place to replace both roofs. The good news is my son and his girlfriend’s stepfather have worked together on roofing before, so they are willing and ready to do the work. I only have to buy the materials which is doable. It could be worse. Just as with the car last month, I’m not looking at a worst-case scenario. Which is not to say I didn’t lose sleep over this, because I have, but all things considered it could be worse.

My panic reflex is to immediately circle the wagons and figure out ways to cut back on spending, or find new income. Since the job market sucks it’s improbable that I’ll be able to find a new job that pays better, so I can either look for a part-time weekend job, or find another way to supplement my income. Fear not, I’m too old to become an exotic dancer (or worse), I am thinking of slightly more reputable ways to beef up the bank account. I’m also considering starting to use mass transit to get to work. It can be done, but will suck up two more hours out of the day. Plus side: I’d have time to sit and read on the trains to and from work. Downside: I’m not sure I can get myself together that early in the morning. As it is I struggle to get out the door by 7:00. I did see a prediction the other day that gas could hit $5/gallon this year so like it or not I may have to suck it up and haul my butt out the door at 6:00. But hell, when I ride my bike I have to do that anyway. It would cost slightly more than half of what I currently pay for gas for a monthly Tri-Met pass, but it would also save wear and tear on my ancient chariot.

As for the option of a secondary income I’m thinking of maybe doing Tarot card readings locally. I’ve tried reading for, but since I’m not home all the time now I can’t do that anymore. I am considering approaching bars and such to do readings during the evening, maybe just a couple nights a week and see how it goes. Ask the cards, you say? Funny you should say that, that’s just what I did.

7 of Discs & World

Using the All Hallow’s Tarot I pulled the 7 of Discs and the World. What I’m getting from this is I’ve been working along on something that’s just not panning out to my expectations. Financially things are disappointing. I’m standing around watching things and not seeing what I’d hoped for. The World is telling me that like the Fool, I have to take all the lessons I’ve learned and apply them to a new beginning. The dancer in the middle has lights, candles all around. Her hands above and below her show she is aware of both the subconscious and conscious and is balanced in between. Taking responsibility, success is assured.

Moon and Hierophant


The Moon again echoes the conscious/subconscious, urging me to take the path of evolution, continue to grow. The moon reflects the sun’s light making it golden. But the Moon often signals danger and self-delusion. Indicative of the psychic and astral realms, these are unfamiliar places to most of us where we can get into trouble. As much as we think we know about something, the Moon tells us the picture may not be complete. This would be new territory for me, doing public readings. I’m really afraid I’d choke and be able to remember anything. I’m sure there’s a great deal about it that I haven’t even considered.  Along comes the Hierophant to suggest listening to a teacher, new educational paths. More study is called for. Ok, I can do that. I would certainly feel more confident if I did more readings and spent more time with my cards.


Page of Wands

Finally, the Page of Wands. Oh you little devil, you. Bursting with exuberance and enthusiasm, he says ‘Go for it!’ Dive into a new project, the fire will burn and light the way. Have courage, a little impulsiveness is indicated. Be daring! Good news in the form of a letter, phone call, even word of mouth. I like that, this could be good. Interestingly, three of five cards are Majors, indicating the universe is taking control of the situation and I kind of have to just follow along.

And on an unrelated note, no further sign of Norm, but this little guy has taken to hanging out in the backyard. It’s cat heaven back there, and he’s welcome to all the rodents he can find. Not sure if it’s the light, or if he really has two different colored eyes. Sure is purrrty though (sorry, couldn’t resist).


19 thoughts on “New Year, New Start

  1. An animal that distinctive-looking must be heralding some kind of message from the Home Planet. No doubt in my mind that SnowPuss is bringing you “white light.”

    I say go for it w/the Tarot readings. I went to a birthday party once where the host hired a psychic and there was literally a line wrapped around the whole house, comprised of people waiting for their turn (BTW psychic told me that he saw me changing careers and going into teaching, which would be astounding except that I found out he said this to half a dozen other women of approximately my age as well) – it seemed like a neat little freelance gig.


  2. I just need to pluck up the nerve to do it. Once I get started I’m sure it’ll be ok, but doing something like this is so contrary to my nature. I’m just not a sales-y, outgoing type. Then again, with something like this, being a little off-beat might be a good thing 😉


  3. Do they have any psychic fairs out that way? I assume the deal with those is that you pay for a table, stall, booth, or whatever, and then have sort of a built-in audience. Might not be a bad way to get your toes wet.


  4. Yeah, they do, I should look into that. I’ve always personally shied away from those things. As ‘out there’ as I may seem to some people, the people who frequent those things (and work them) are typically too ‘out there’ for me! lol They always seem like they have more dealers/readers/Kirlian photographers than they need, it’s customers they seem to lack. Or maybe it’s just the ones out here in the ‘burbs. Even reading in a bar, I’d have to cut them in for 30%, I understand from other readers who read in public places like bars, salons, etc., that’s the standard rate. It’s not pure profit.


  5. LOL – I know the feeling of being the most practical member of a group of loonies. Maybe you could locate a nice cafe’, or one of those bookstores that sell tarot decks and crystals and stuff. They have places like that in Hope and Woodstock; there must be more of the same out your way.


  6. Happy New Year DD! Sorry to hear about the roof but good to know you have wonderful people surrounding you to help out. Ah saving a word my husband love and I hate. Because this year he add on “extreme” saving. For me to mentally say, “crap…there will be a lot of no’s this year”. I think you can do it especially when push come to shove. You have great transportation system there. The bus and train always come on time if not a or two minutes late, which is doable. The tarot reading sounds interesting. So many people are interesting to know what to expect in their future life. Heck I use to spend a lot of money into Tarot reading in high school. I know you will do great!
    That is the whitest cat I ever seen. He or she really stands out!


  7. Thanks, Lora, Happy New Year to you too! Sounds like we’re both in for some belt-tightening this year. Maybe we should have a contest to see who can save more each month, might make it a little more interesting! 😉

    I’m almost looking forward to starting the mass transit. It’s going to be a tough adjustment shifting my sleeping/waking times to those hours but I won’t be wasting two hours just sitting in the car everyday. At least on the trains I can read and do other things.

    Oh, and the kitty is also a bob-tail/tailless. I don’t know where he lives, he does have a collar so I assume he has a home somewhere nearby. He’s shy, won’t come over no matter how long I stand there and try to coax him, but he doesn’t run away either.


    1. When you talk to White Kitty, does he seem to hear you? I ask b/c I read somwhere that pure-white cats are usually deaf. My brother’s ex-wife had a deaf white cat, and the poor thing, b/c she could not hear herself, had the most excruciating, strangled-sounding meow you ever head.

      Or maybe that was just her way of commenting on my brother’s ex.


      1. This one can definitely hear. He heard me opening a window in the house so I could take the picture. That’s why he (she? don’t actually know) turned to look at me. I had a white cat years ago (except for a pale gray blotch on top of his head) who also could hear. That’s interesting that your ex-sis-in-law’s cat even learned to meow. You gotta wonder how they learn to make any sound at all if they’ve never heard anything.


    2. DD you won! Hubby is driving me nuts and sticking it to me. This extreme attitude will not last if I have anything to do with it!
      I just came back from grocery shopping and hubby was giving me an headache. Saying if we are not cooking it for dinner we don’t need to buy it. I had to ask him are we going grocery shopping every day now. He said if that what I need to control your grocery store spending yes. My goodness. I had to bribe him if I don’t atleast get the grocery for tonight meal and tomorrow lunch he will do all the cooking.
      I think the transit is a great idea, I really do.
      That is a brave cute kitty. I notice the collar too on it. I was amaze of how white it was and look at the collar and told myself good owners.


      1. Lol, he is too lazy to cook these days. It will bread, butter, and slices of meat. See how long he enjoy it when I go on strike, lol. Tonight I made a meal using apples, tomatoes, onions and white wine to drape over the meat. He was so satisfy that he went through my cook book and bend the pages what he would like next. I made a monster out of him and I am the one to blame…I should of continue my 30 minutes cooking rules so he would not expect 3 stars meals, lol…kicking myself in the butt now. Okay I need to stop venting on your wall…sorry


      2. When he says he likes something, just keep feeding him the leftovers for a week or 2 until he’s willing to spend a little more on groceries 😉


      3. Mary he won’t buy for left over anymore. Last year yes, this year the exact amount for one night of dinner for two. We made a deal today though that he will help out cooking dinner once again. We use to rotate in the state because we both work and I also went to school. Here I only go to school 4 hours a day so for him I have time.


  8. I love how you posted the tarot spread.

    I think you should go for the tarot reading, too. You’re obviously quite gifted with the cards.

    Not sure if you would want people coming to your house, but do you have a little study room you could use if you had clients?


  9. Thanks, Tasha. Actually no, I would definitely not want Tarot clients coming to my house. I’ve heard too many horror stories from other readers of clients who call them up in the middle of the night and hassle them all the time for readings. I think a public location with no way to contact me outside that venue (except possibly by e-mail) is the only way to go with this. I’d be afraid they would just ‘drop by’ with no notice at weird hours!


  10. I may have inadvertently started myself on the path here. I absent-mindedly left my deck out on my desk after pulling my daily card, and a couple people have already asked for readings. No talk of money, but it’ll be a good warm-up for me since I almost never read for other people.


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