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Salinger Estate wins case against spin-off

Last year I blogged about Swedish author Fredrik Colting who was trying to publish a J.D. Salinger spin-off. That case has now been settled in Salinger’s favor. Colting will not be able to publish his fan-fiction in North America. From Publisher’s Weekly:

It appears that Holden Caulfield will remain under tight control of the Salinger estate—at least in North America. In early December, the estate of J.D. Salinger and Swedish author and publisher Fredrik Colting entered into a consent agreement to end the copyright battle over Colting’s book 60 Years Later: Coming Through the Rye, the so-called “unauthorized sequel to The Catcher in the Rye,” that would bar the book’s publication the U.S.

But do read the rest of it. According to the settlement, he will be able to publish it in several ‘territories’ (not specified in the article) without Salinger’s estate suing. Once the book enters the public domain (in what? about 74 years?) he can publish it in North America.


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  1. I know, I was a little surprised, but it’s a ‘settlement’ so I assume they gave in on that aspect rather than take the fight to courts in other countries where they might not win. Evidently copyright laws in other countries don’t have the same constraints that U.S. copyright laws have.


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