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Here We Go Again…

Little bit of a hodge-podge, music and Tarot.

So, I was trolling EBay, looking at Tarot decks (whistles innocently, looking skyward) — ok YES I fell off the wagon — and saw a package deal I couldn’t pass up consisting of two decks, a book and what was touted as a rose quartz stone. One of the decks I’d actually been looking for for some time, the Cachet Tarot, aka Top That! deck. It’s cheap, even brand new, but included with it was El Gran Tarot Esoterico from Fournier. I never really wanted that deck, but the seller was kicking it in, along with an old paperback copy of Waite’s book, “The Pictorial Key to the Tarot” which I didn’t need since I have a hardcover copy, and like I said, a faux rose quartz stone which turned out to be a lump of pink striated plastic (it weighs nothing, is not cold to the touch like real rose quartz, and… well you get the idea). So ok, I didn’t need or want most of it, but the whole shootin’ match was $5. FIVE BUCKS. Who could pass that up? Not me, that’s for sure. Both decks are complete and in good condition, although the boxes are kind of hammered, and neither had a LWB.

I have once again been captivated by a deck I scarcely wanted. Yep. El Gran Tarot Esoterico. As I went through it putting the cards in order to make sure all were present, I discovered I really like the art on this one. Here’s a sample:

This deck places The Fool between cards 20 – Judgement (El Ciclo) and 22 – The World. The deck is also heavily based on Qabalah and Gematria. Unfortunately, I am not up on either subject, and without the little white book, a lot of the symbolism is lost on me. :::frown::: I can still read with it, but I always feel like I’m missing out on several layers of meaning.

The other deck, variously marketed as the Cachet Tarot, or Top That! (I think Top That! was the publisher, but there is no writing of any kind on the box, and no copyright or anything on any of the cards, no extra cards with the usual advertising). The first time I saw one of the cards, the Star, it was attached to a reader’s listing on EBay, using it like their avatar. The colors were so vibrant and of course I had to track it down and find a copy. That was almost a year ago. It’s not that hard to find, I lost a couple of auctions for a copy on EBay, but for $5 I was willing to take it sans original box and book. The illustrations on the Majors are an odd mix of Egyptian themed and medieval Europe, minors are pips.

Some of the people are really cartoon-ish, but the colors are really nice, rich and deep.

And I borrowed the title for this post from this song, Animal, by Neon Trees. They’re out of Utah, and I love the fact that their drummer is a girl! Saw them in concert here last year when they were one of the opening acts for 30 Seconds to Mars, really excellent live. Good luck getting this song out of your head now. You’re welcome.


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30 thoughts on “Here We Go Again…

  1. Oh! I love El Gran Tarot Esoterico!
    I want to do a Bat Wing Empress just like that one. She’s so fierce, and quite unlike the usual Earth Mother cliche.
    There used to be a great site discussing the symbolism of all the cards but it went poof a while ago which was a shame.


    1. Aha! I hadn’t looked at the cards close enough to even realize those were bat wings! But subliminally I must have picked up on it, with my vampire obsession LOL No wonder I like this deck. I had a hard time deciding which cards to scan and put up here, there are so many really interesting ones. Haven’t really had time to sit down and study it yet, I have a feeling this is a deck that will repay close study. I remember being interestedi n this deck many years ago, but for some reason didn’t get it (probably too broke at the time), then read some very negative reviews of it and sort of forgot about it. Too bad that site you saw is gone. I’ll have to root around the interwebs and see what else I can find on it.


  2. you really made me chuckle with the faux rose quartz…. like a real tarot card lover would think that’s a “wait! there’s more” bonus. But for $5, I think you got a great deal. Enjoy! They look really beautiful.


  3. Heh heh πŸ˜‰ Oh well, I should have known. This was just too good of a bargain to pass up.

    I’m definitely far more drawn to the Esoterico. The Cachet tarot is pretty, but it’s so stripped down, and it’s so odd with the Egyptian/European thing, there doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to it. I have noticed lately that I am vastly more interested in the more esoteric decks in general that have more of a system behind the images. I’d say the Cachet is good for beginners, and readings in public where you don’t want to freak out people who are unfamiliar with the Tarot. The images are all very pretty and non-threatening. Sarah pointed out the bat wings on the Empress in the Esoterico, those might give people a start. πŸ˜‰

    Let me know if you want to see any of the other cards from either deck, always happy to scan them in and can send you the file if you want.


  4. What, you didn’t get the title from that old Dolly Parton song?!

    (check out the keyboard player. Poor guy looks like he’s been rode hard & put away wet.)

    Personally I just love the name “El Tarot Esoterico” (if you don’t mind I’m going to start using esoterico as my new go-to adjective…) and the artwork has an old- fashionedy, cosmic-&-mysterious-without-being spooky quality that appeals to me as a tarot bystander.


  5. Erm… no πŸ˜‰ Dolly was ok as a singer back in the day, apart from the wigs, but man she just looks FREAKISH now with all the work she’s had done. Just terrifying. You could use her to scare small children into behaving now.

    I’ve managed to dig up a little info on the deck. For those of you who read Tarot, turns out in this deck Swords=Water, Cups=Air. Apparently the correspondences are straight out of Aryeh Kaplan’s Sefer Yetzirah. There is some info over at Aeclectic, even if you’re not a member, as I found some without even being logged in there. About halfway down this page:

    look for a post by Fulgour (Peregrine Sojourner). So far the other sites that seem to have any info on it are in Spanish. I’ll keep looking, if I find anything I’ll pass it along.


  6. Thanks for asking. I actually would be interested to see The Empress and the Death card of The Cachet Tarot, if only to see how they combined the Egyptian and European styles.


    1. Yay! I love introducing people to bands I like. They were so good in concert. They’re opening for MCR when they play here in April (assume they’re touring with them), but I didn’t move fast enough on tickets and the show is sold out. 😦 Been crying myself to sleep every night.


      1. Hey, if Korn went on tour with Courtney Love’s old band Hole, what would they call the tour?

        Just askin’ πŸ˜‰


    1. I have a very mean streak πŸ˜‰ I’m looking forward to Soundwave, its like my 90’s dream line up. Sevendust, Murderdolls, Ill Nino, Primus, Rob Zombie, etc, etc.


      1. That blows that A7X backed out. I’m not really surprised that NIN isn’t participating, I think he’s probably about finished with that chapter of his life. Now that he’s finding fame as a movie score composer, and I believe there’s a tv show in production based on his “Year Zero” album. He’s gonna be a busy boy.


  7. Jajaja! My younger daughter does have a few friends in a band called Korn Helmet…. which i find a wee bit jollier….


    1. Reminds me of that line in “The Banger Sisters” at the end when Susan Sarandon’s daughter walks off with one of the kids in the hs marching band, and Sarandon and Hawn’s characters look at eachother, nod knowingly with sly smiles and say “Musicians!”




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