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Frankenstein’s Army

Hand to god, I am not making this up.

Here’s a mash-up that probably falls into the category of “just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.”

Dutch director Richard Raaphorst is trying to revive (pun intended) his WWII Nazi-zombie horror project, which began life as ‘Worst Case Scenario’. The gist of it is Hitler starts smelling defeat towards the end of the war, and not wanting to waste all those years of obsessive occult research turns to Dr. Frankenstein’s example and raises and army of the undead. I can’t embed the trailer here, but you can see it here on the Moviefone blog. But fair warning: It’s graphic, and not for the squeamish (it is a horror movie, after all). That said, if zombies are your thing, you might like it. It’s a blend of actual WWII newsreel footage, and Raaphorst’s own filmmaking.

Mary Shelley is no doubt spinning in her grave like a turbine.


12 thoughts on “Frankenstein’s Army”

  1. could it possily have a droll humour to it, like “Hellboy”? That, if I recall correctly, involves a demonic creature that the Nazis were going to raise to serve the 3rd Reich, but when the Allies kicked their ass and the war ended, the little Hellboy was adopted by the U.S. military, who raised him in a cavern beneath the streets of Newark NJ, where he grew up to be a cigar-chompin’, cat-lovin’ Ron Perlman: cantankerous but not wholly evil. Now in summary that sounds pretty dreadful, but it actually an enjoyable little movie.


  2. p.s. could it be any weirder than “Cowboys vs. Aliens” ? – that film got a lot of advertising during the SuperBowl


    1. ZOMG, what a cast though! Daniel Craig, Paul Dano (who was dynamite in “There Will Be Blood”), Adam Beach (I LUUUURRRRVE him), Clancy Brown (whom I haven’t seen since ‘Earth 2’), Harrison Ford… this could be good.


      1. It is a great cast – I’ve been waiting for Paul Dano to do something great since TWBBlood (he was really good in Little Miss Sunshine, as well.)


  3. It looks pretty grisly, zombie fans don’t shy away from a few beheadings and body parts in wheelbarrows. And of course this isn’t CGI, as much of Hellboy was. I don’t think there will be any dry humor a la Ron Perlman (“that’s gonna leave a mark”), but I could be wrong.

    I have heard vastly disparate reviews of “Cowboys & Aliens”, some people trashed the concept and the trailer, others are really looking forward to it. I saw the extended theatrical trailer when I went to see the latest Harry Potter movie just a few weeks ago. Of course they always show the best bits in trailers (some of which don’t even end up in the final film) so it’s hard to say if it will hold up to scrutiny, but it looked kind of fun. Sam Rockwell’s in it, so I have high hopes there will be some fun campy humor. That one could end up being of my guilty pleasures 🙂


  4. I think there is something really wrong with my subscription notification. I have not receive an email for any one that they have wrote in a week or so and you clearly have been writing. I think I have to cancel my subscription and sign back up or something.

    Now to the video….what the hell! They dig up he people body just to burn them, cut them to pieces, and have dogs eating at them…so frigging wicked. Wasn’t enough to gas them and starve them?


  5. That’s so annoying. My subscriptions page doesn’t always update either, and then all of a sudden a bunch of people’s posts will show up days later, and I have to try to get around and visit and get caught up.

    The Frankenstein’s Army thing is definitely not for the faint of heart. It’s just the latest in this zombie craze, and who knows if it will ever be made into a full-length movie. It’s apparently still a work in progress.


    1. Today I change my spam box setting from instant delete to once a week so I can see where the post is going. Same for the reply. I did not even know you made a reply if I did not come back. It is something going on. I even check my setting and post, comment, and etc are all check to send me notification and nothing.

      Well I honestly hope it does not make it out to the movie. It is really horrible than any movies I ever seen. It is bluntly cruel.


    2. There’s definitely a market for it, though. Zombies are big business right now in books and movies.

      I wish I knew something that would help with your settings, but I’m afraid I don’t know any tricks or tips to keep that from happening. Maybe you could search their “Help” files on WordPress, see if anyone else is having the same issues?


  6. Hmm. I have to admit being a bit intrigued. I can’t imagine going to the theater to see it, but can imagine catching it on t.v.

    It will all come down to the script. I figure it will either being an intelligent horror film, or total junk.


  7. If it ends up looking like the trailer I linked to, I don’t think it’s going to see a wide release. Using WWII newsreel style may be avant garde in some circles, but if it gets any following in the US at all it will be relegated to underground cult status (which, considering the subject matter, will probably be the best it can hope for anyway).


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