CyberPunk Chat on Twitter Today

Weekly cyberpunk chats in the Twitterverse continue this week, at 1:00PM PST.

Our lovely mods are Josh K. Evans, Johann Carlisle and Melissa Dominic. Today’s chat focuses on the movies Blade Runner, The Matrix, and Ghost in the Shell. If you enjoy William Gibson’s writing, and/or Philip K. Dick, you already know cyberpunk. You can either follow and add the hashtag #cyberpunkchat to your tweets, or alternatively log into Tweetchat and enter that same title as the hashtag, wherein you will see only those comments and the site will automatically add the #cyberpunkchat hashtag to all your tweets, saving you time and typing.

Last week’s chat focused on William Gibson’s book, Neuromancer, and was one of the liveliest. Mr. Gibson himself even retweeted one person’s comment but although he appeared to be lurking did not actively join in the chat.

Here’s a chart of time zones around the world, showing what time the chat takes place in your local environs:

Hope you can join us!

4 thoughts on “CyberPunk Chat on Twitter Today

  1. Oh come on, you can sleep when you’re dead 😉

    I bailed this week after about 90 minutes, but it was still going strong I think close to an hour after that. I learned some great little tidbits on Blade Runner that I never knew. There is a transcript online, I can get the link for you if you’re interested.


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