Spay Day 2/22/2011

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UPDATE 2/22/2011 — I just received this message from Cheryl, who says (and I quote), “Humane Society for Southwest Washington is a member of ASAP and is also performing low-cost surgeries. 360-693-4746”

Thanks, Cheryl!

I’m lifting this text in toto from the Oregon Humane Society‘s Web site, but somehow I don’t think they’ll mind too much. (and if they do I’m sure I’ll hear about it and this post will go away)

2011: A Spay Odyssey
500 Cats Fixed In One Week, One Lucky “Cat” will win $500

For Spay Day, ASAP and the Oregon Humane Society boldly sets out to perform 500 surgeries in one week.

In honor of Spay Day USA, and to prevent unwanted litters of kittens from being born this spring, the Animal Shelter Alliance of Portland (ASAP) is offering an additional 500 low cost ($10) spay/neuter surgeries the week of February 21st in five locations around the Portland/Vancouver metro area.

The Oregon Humane Society has committed to doing a record-breaking 222 of these surgeries on Spay Day, Feb. 22. To encourage participation, all cats coming through program during the week of Spay Day are eligible to be entered in a prize drawing for a $500 Fred Meyer gift card.

Spay Day USA is an annual observance on the last Tuesday of February that was created by the Doris Day Animal League in 1995 to bring attention to the nationwide pet overpopulation problem. Caretakers of stray or feral cats can take advantage of this offer as well.

Qualified cat owners can have their unsterilized cats or kittens spayed or neutered for only $10. Surgeries are performed by licensed veterinarians and subsidized through charitable donations.

How to Qualify: For a cat owner to qualify, they must receive government assistance (such as Medicaid, WIC, food stamps, SSI, Section 8 public housing, AFDC, or TANF) and live in Multnomah, Washington, Clackamas, or Clark County. Those feeding unowned feral/stray cats need not meet income requirements.

Where: Services are being provided at the Oregon Humane Society by licensed veterinarians and caring surgical teams. Transportation may be available for those unable to take advantage of this offer due to travel issues.

How: Call: 503-802-6755 for a cat you own; or 503-797-2606 for feral cats to schedule an appointment for $10.

Low cost surgeries are being offered through the Animal Shelter Alliance of Portland’s Spay & Save program thanks to generous donations. This vital program is funded through private donations as well as grant monies. Special thanks to PetSmart Charities for their grant support. See for details on qualifying, addresses of surgery locations and more.

10 thoughts on “Spay Day 2/22/2011

    1. The slogan or ad would read: If you know any dead beat dads multiplying our society and they don’t believe in using rubbers or paying child support please bring him in.
      How to Qualify: For dead beat dad to qualify, they must receive government assistance (such as Medicaid, WIC, food stamps, SSI, Section 8 public housing, AFDC, or TANF).

      If your dead beat dad does not qualify for our $10 neuter program. No problem we have a special for $50 for the first 1000.

      Helps us help you help our environmental population problem.


      1. startingover, have you been talking to my mom? I swear you 2 sound like kindred spirits on this topic 😉


    1. lol, hooray for castration:) We really need to start this epidemic for all deadbeats and perhaps too for the mothers who lay up just collecting government help and not trying to better themselves. Child you got me started…


      1. I think so too, but one problem…the government is having problem with the social health system and can not help or have money for the poor and old. So I know they would have problem castration and tying tubes:(
        It was my crazy wishful thinking:)


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