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Vote for Jon Snow!

Suvudu has been running ‘cage matches’ of fictional characters and we have until 5:30 PM EDT to show our support for Jon Snow (from George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series). Jon is pitted against Vin, from Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn books. He was trailing badly yesterday, but a blog post from GRRM and the fans are rallying to support Jon! Collar your co-workers, family members, strangers on a train (err, maybe not) and have them vote for Jon. 🙂 You can only vote once (boo, I’m not above stuffing the ballot box for my fav Night’s Watch commander), which I didn’t realize and kept trying to vote again and again. Oops.

The clock is ticking, let’s put Jon over the top!

Oh, and if you’re in NYC near the West 4th street stop (subway, I assume?) catch the Game of Thrones food truck, and taste some of the foods the characters might eat. Today’s menu features Pentos. All recipes by Tom Colicchio.