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Game of Thrones Renewed for Second Season

Yes, that’s right. HBO has already ordered season two, and cast and crew (that survived season 1) are trickling back, casting calls are open, it’s “Game” on! According to “Production offices open, crew filtering back, casting calls, location scouting…”

They clocked in with 4.2 million viewers for the premier episode. I’d say they touched a nerve 😉

Check out GRRM’s blog:

For some reason, there is a lot of speculation about whether the show will keep its current title. I don’t think they can retitle it every season, that would be odd. “Game of Thrones” is short and to the point, and kind of sums up what it’s all about. The title of the book series is “A Song of Ice and Fire”, with Ice and Fire being the names of swords. I don’t think that works as well for a television show title.

We are HUNGRY for more.


9 thoughts on “Game of Thrones Renewed for Second Season”

  1. I’d heard this as a rumor last week, am happy to see it’s the truth! if they plan to do the entire first book during the first season, then maybe “Ice and Fire” would be an OK name, since the future books (seasons) aren’t called Game of Thrones?

    they better film fast, these child actors aren’t getting any younger, and I think everyone already looks way older than I expected.


  2. I know, I’m stoked and I don’t even have cable! I plan to buy the shows when the DVDs are released though. Something tells me a command decision was made to call the whole series “Game of Thrones”, and not worry about following the book titles. Kind of like what they did with “Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World” where they basically combined titles of two of the books in the series for the movie title. Hollywood tends to tweak things to their own liking.

    Good point about the kids growing up. Maybe that’s why they’re already moving on the production for season 2.


  3. Heh 🙂 I’ll have to keep myself busy with the books until they release the DVDs. I just couldn’t justify getting cable for one show, although I seriously considered it.


  4. I’ve seen the first two eps. They’re fantastic. Obviously, there’s no way they can ever be as good as the books. But considering the limited time they have, they’re doing a grand job! 🙂


  5. Glad to hear you, as a GRRM fan, approve of the show! 🙂 I’ve seen the bits and pieces they put up online and it looks incredible. And I am so glad it’s HBO doing the show, instead of someone like Syfy :::shudder::: THAT would have been a disaster.


  6. Indeed. HBO is the perfect channel for it. No watering down! As for the kids, they purposely aged the characters a bit from how old they are in the books due to the nature of the material. And speaking of the kids, all the actors are great. No cutesy Hollywood acting. The girl who plays Arya is just fantastic. And Joffrey.. perfect. As soon as you see him you want to punch him. Har har!

    Poor kid. I can see it now. Director to actor: “Kid, you’re doing awesome! They HATE you!”


  7. I’ve seen a lot of people saying that on Twitter, you want to punch this kid in the face! He must be quite an actor, bright future for him.

    And I was so excited to see Ramin Djawadi did the soundtrack! I love him, he’s a wonderful composer (Edmund Stone has featured him on “The Score”, naturlig 😉 ). Aidan Moher put the main theme as it’s done on the show, along with a solo piano rendition of it that’s quite haunting up on his blog here.


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