Need Input, Por Favor

As some of you know, I’m working on a new blog (like I need another one, but hang on…), focused on Tarot. I think it’s best if I move my Tarot-related posts to a separate blog so as not to bore people who come here for writing-related content.

The problem is, I can’t seem to come up with a good blog name. The few I’ve come up with that I liked are already taken (grrrr), some of which have been abandoned (it only had two posts, back in 2007) but the names remain unavailable (double-grrrr). So I finally hit on one, but I’m not sure if it’s too juvenile-sounding so I put it to you, my friends, to advise me. :::drum roll please:::

Vampire Heart Tarot

As you know, I’ve been working on a vampire novel, and have been rather consumed with all things vampiric for some time now. I was further going to set it up as a separate blog, not tied to this account, so I have to come up with a new username as well to distinguish it and keep it from being connected to my existing account which is used for this blog, my Wandering Mind (my bicycle-related blog) and the Murder in the Mosh Pit. I want the tarot one separate so that if I visit other Tarot sites and leave comments, my info will link back to the Tarot blog, and not confuse people. I don’t know, maybe that doesn’t matter.

So anyway, let me know what you think, and if you have any thoughts on a Tarot blog name, please feel free to make suggestions. There are so many blogs now the obvious names are taken, so it’s getting really hard to get creative. I’ve already got several posts I want to put up on it, but am stalled by lack of a name. If you have ideas, please let me know! Thanks, gang.

12 thoughts on “Need Input, Por Favor

  1. Are you only going to talk about your vampire novel or about all sorts of things about the tarot? If you are going to talk about the tarot, then don’t give it such a limiting name. How about Tarot Focus since you want to focus on the tarot? or Focus on the Tarot would be a good name too. It sounds like good tarot reading instructions! Good luck with your tarot blog.


  2. Hi Cynthia,

    It’s just going to be Tarot-related, so I was kind of thinking the same thing, that it’s limiting. Any writing talk will happen here on Filling Spaces. Tarot Focus is available, maybe I need to quit trying to come up with something clever or atmospheric 😉



  3. Vampire Heart Tarot works for me. It hints at your writing and passion for the subject.

    It takes me forever to think up names, so I don’t have any better suggestion for name for the tarot blog.

    I would for a writing blog suggest to use your name, though. I will change the name of my own writing blog soon.

    Also, I like seeing that people have a lot of different interests, so don’t mind if blogs cover several subjects at once. My 2 cents. 🙂



  4. Thanks, Berit 🙂 I’m just running out of ideas. It’s so annoying when I come up with one only to find someone registered it, and then abandoned it.

    As for the single vs. multiple subject blog, I keep reading it’s best to confine a blog to one topic. I don’t normally mind when people blog about different things, as long as the topics are interesting. It does seem, though, that the Tarot posts I’ve put up get fewer comments (although they do seem to get the most hits, oddly). Some of my favorite decks are my vampire-themed and dark, gothic decks, so that’s why I thought of the name.

    Your 2 cents are always welcome! 😀


  5. Vampire Heart Tarot sounds catchy, but I would be concerned that you will attract the eccent4rics and Twilight-obsessives who think it’s a blog about all things bloodsucker-related. If you think a quick visit will put them off, then by all means go with that name.


  6. Well… I have to laugh because any blog about Tarot is likely to draw some ‘eccentrics’ anyway 😉 If Chazz stops by, he’ll understand the reference in the title, better than a Twi-tard (hehehe). It’s more likely to draw HIM fans, I think. It’s the title of a song by HIM that got me started on the vampire novel, and this whole crazy vampire kick. I think the Twitards would lose interest quickly when they saw no pictures of RPatz splashed all over the page.

    Maybe I’ll list two or three names with the voting box and see what people think.


  7. I so feel your pain and frustration. Took me ages to get a name, had the same problems – names I wanted were already taken and so on. I even drew a card to help me with choosing the name, got the Empress, which in hindsight I think was more about getting creative and actually creating it rather than fluffing about… Anyhow.

    I am not sure about Vampire Heart Tarot since I’m not a big vampire fan! Not even twilight or any other movie catches my interest. So not sure I can give you unbiased feedback. My only suggestion would be Tarotgnostic which I nearly got myself… until I got distracted by a hot cup of tea and a daydream 🙂


    1. Thanks, Monica 🙂 I so love your blog’s name, it’s unique and charming. I think it suits you perfectly. I’ll try what you did and pull a card or two and see if I can get some inspiration that way. I’ve been digging in books, waiting for something to leap out at me, but so far no luck.


  8. Hi DD, I am awful with names but I give it a try. I agree with Cynthia that the name you chosen is nice but it limit you and you might only get the people who are into Twilight for a short period of time. I have two blogs myself but I use only one. One of my blog was name as my username but I start to think all I could do is “only” talk about Germany. With the blog I use now I talk a little about everything even Germany. This way I don’t feel not inspire to jot a post or two.

    So your on the right thinking path to open up a new blog post if you want to only capture tarot reader audience. But the way I think about it your reader name is interesting here already that a person have to take a look to see who is Digital Dame and what she is all about.

    Nevertheless I thought about a few names:
    Knowing the unknown with Tarot

    Spiritual Reader

    Tarot Life Meaning

    P.S. your getting a lot of hits and a few comments perhaps due to the meta tags. WordPress meta tags are powerful. It lands on google search engine right away. People can be searching for photos, certain topics, situation, explanation for a card and they come across reading your blog. The might not have WP to say something or just want to read only.

    What ever you choose as a name or to do. I wish you success with it!


    1. Thanks, Lora! I think it’s better if I don’t use the word ‘reading’ or ‘reader’ in the title because I’m not offering readings to the public online (at least not yet).

      Argh. Well, guess I’ll mull it over some more 🙂


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