I Made a Decision

I finally had an idea that I liked for the Tarot blog title.

Dangling Pentacles

I was inspired by this card the other day. As I studied it, I had the impression of the pentacles dangling like ripe fruit, swaying with the breeze. I thought it sounded like ‘dangling participles’, harking back to my love of writing which Berit encouraged me to acknowledge, and also maybe ‘dangling tentacles’, sort of Lovecraftian, or Gorey-esque as MaryJ said. So a little play with words and we’re on our way.

The first post is already up, so those of you with an interest please drop by and have a look. If you’re not interested in Tarot, don’t feel any obligation to read that one. I’m delighted and grateful to those of you who come by this blog, and hope you will continue to do so.

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